Message from Mother Mary

My beautiful children,
I have asked to speak to you today because it seems that many of you are going through a time of transition and this transition causes great distress for some of you and some ill ease for others. It is a time of change that has been speeding up. It has really been a long slow process for many years, but has now accelerated. I tell you this because it is nothing new, just more intense right now.
Many of you are going through great changes, changes in your work, changes in your relationships and changes in your daily routines that were once so familiar. The change is what causes distress, not the actual situations themselves. You all carry a deep fear of change, the fear that the change will bring things that are worse than they already are. The fear is just a fear, not a reality, just a feeling, and it is a feeling that you can choose to change.
Change goes smoothly when you have trust to lean on and I want to assure you that for ALL of you, these changes are positive in every way. One of you will change work entirely and find that peace sits behind the door of letting go of an old way of doing things, for all of your “work” is supported energetically and with abundance. One of you will simply change the way that you do things now, bringing new techniques to the work that you are already doing. One of you will let go of an unhealthy relationship that has been dragging you down of late. The energy is no longer a good match. One of you will let go of the fear that keeps you immobilized and unwilling to step forward in case you step into the wrong place.
One of you will let go of outdated views that you have of yourself that keep you doing the same things over and over again, knowing that they always cause pain when what you desire is freedom. And one of you will let go of a belief that if I change, I will cause great heartache to those around you. And one of you just simply needs to slow down and smell the flowers, something you have not done for a long time.
Do you see yourself in these changes, and yes, more than one applies to each of you, for in truth, you are all going through the same energy change, it is just your perspective that puts a different face on how you see and experience it.
It is time to move forward and leave behind the old fear of doing things wrong or not good enough or in a lame way, for all of you have work to do my children. It is now the time to move forward into a new way of being. Let go of the fear for it is just that what will come next will be worse that what you have now. But take a moment to look at what you have now and how painful it can seem at times. You are really letting go of pain through this change. Is that really so difficult to do? A fear is no more than an illusion, an imagining of the next step or outcome. Change is just a name you give to this illusion.
In some cultures, change is seen as a challenge of something new beginning, an opportunity to start afresh, to go down a different road. For that is what change is, an opportunity to go in a new direction, and I assure all of you that the new direction surpasses even your greatest imagining of how wonderful life can be.
I am here to walk with all of you, to hold your hand as you walk a new path, for the time has come to let go of the old way of being and walk with spirit. Not letting your ego guide you, but to let spirit be your guide. To follow the inner knowings, not the convoluted imaginings that have coloured your past. Let go of the ego’s way of doing things and follow your heart, the part of you that knows the way of spirit, for always it is the way of love. To ask that age old question when making a decision, what would love do in this situation?
With love as your guide, there are no wrong decisions, there are no wrong directions you may take, there is only the path of love and we are here to guide you on that path. Call on me; call on us, for there are many who wait with loving arms to walk with you each step of the way.
You may call it faith to walk in a new direction, I call it freedom, being free to follow your true spirit, the spark of life within you that knows that you indeed are a part of spirit and in spirit, there is nothing but love. Only love exists in the light of the divine, only love exists within each of you. You are the children of the earth who have chosen to walk close to us so that you may guide the others who walk with you in this lifetime. You are the ones who will be doing the handholding. You are the ones who represent spirit on earth, the eyes through which we see, the hands through which we touch. The voice through which we speak and the hearts through which we love. That is you job. That is being in service.
It’s not about what you do every day to make money, although for many of you, that is how you will represent spirit. It is about how you interact with all that you meet. Do you meet them with fear or meet them with love?
That can be your guide when you make decisions in this time. Am I doing what brings me love or brings me fear? Am I walking a path that fills me with love or fills me with fear? Am I in a relationship where I feel love or feel fear? Love will be your guide, for that is the ultimate decision point. If it brings you fear, or any feeling other than love, you are going in the wrong direction.
Walk with me, walk with us, hold our hands, feel our love for you. You are the divine children who will lead many others to love. Lead by example, not by words. Lead with your heart all ways, always.
So make your decisions, guided by love and know that whatever you do, you will always be guided back to love. You will all get where you need to go, it is just up to you whether or not to make the journey difficult or joyful.
These challenging times are soon at an end as all of you move fully into your divine contracts and take up the challenge of serving spirit, your divine mother father god, or whatever name you prefer to use. You are part of the divine and cannot and will not be separated. Draw on that knowing as you draw on the support of each other.
Know that you are loved beyond measure, you are venerated and honoured and although you are in service, so are we, we are in service to you as you do our work on earth. Be at peace dear children, for a peaceful heart is a loving heart. My beloved, be loved.
Mary, Your Divine Mother


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