Message from Sananda

Today is the beginning of something new. It is the spring of your life. You have been hidden beneath the earth for many years and it is now time to blossom. What ever you do from this day forward will be from this new state of being “in bloom” for you cannot retreat back into the darkness. Now that you have grown in the light, in the light you will remain.

I ask each of you to find the time in your day to be grateful for the things that bring you pleasure. It may just be small things. It does not have to be profound. You may be grateful that you have picked up a pen that works, rejoice when you see the leaves open on the trees, be thankful that you can walk and need not rely on a wheelchair for transport. All of you can begin to be grateful in many moments of your day.

And as you begin the state of gratitude and grace, you will find it easier to begin to be grateful for some of the things that you don’t always, in the past, find pleasant. This may be forgetting something and having to go back and pick it up, losing something that you thought was important or being asked to comfort a friend that is in need, when you too have a need. Find gratitude in all aspects of your life for you know not what goes on when you experience something that you are not pleased about.

Going back to get something you have forgotten may just add the 2 minutes to your trip that saves you from a car accident. Losing a 20 dollar bill on the street may mean that the person who picks it up gets to eat today. And comforting a friend may mean that she is able to grow and have peace in a way that she would not have found alone and you will know that others do show up to help when you have a need.

Enjoy the light that you are now in. Enjoy the fact that you have bloomed. Be anchored in the earth with your face to the sun, having all of your needs met by your divine mother father God. For as the flowers are cared for, so are you my dear ones.

And know that there are many people around you who will begin to notice the blossoming and take pleasure from your new  beauty.

I AM with you always and you may call on me any time you need some fertilizer to keep you growing strong and bright.

Shine for me my children, I AM blessed to be able to tell you how much we love you and help you to know who you really are. With much love,


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