Any Questions?

I’ve been asked by the beings who speak through me to be available to answer any questions that people have.
Please post your question as a comment and I will tune into the other side and see who has an answer for you.

Lately, I have been in communication with Mother Mary, Sananda ( a master teacher), Arcturius ( who is the translator for the “keepers of the light codes”), and Suzy ( who comes to me as a young, but wise angel type entity)

Your answer will be posted within a few days on the Spirit Speaks Blog

Please pass this invitation along to anyone who may be interested.

In loving service, sheryl


5 Responses to Any Questions?

  1. Ras says:

    Greetings!For past two years, i am undergoing through a lot of physical, emotional and spiritual transformation which when I tried to find out on internet was recognized as ASCENSION and all as much as 60 symptoms of spiritual awakening or Asension listed together on various ascension sites resonated so well with me that I felt immensely at ease with my situation. Now the only thing left me to know is WHO I AM? WHAT I AM HERE TO DO ON EARTH AT THIS PARTICULAR TIME? I am still not connected with my higherself to seek these answers? Could you please tell me that how could I access my higher self to know about my true purpose? Could you do this for me? i am tired of looking for signs but somehow unable to get the real picture about my purpose here on this earth. Your help in highly solicited in this regard. Thanks, Ras

  2. Rover says:

    Dear Sheryl:It is been two months now whenever I go out of my home even for 15 minutes, I am compelled to look repeatedly at the numbers 111,1111, 999,9999, 37,77, 777 and 71 either as such or as a part of a sequence of numbers on license plates, mobile cell numbers, on the hoardings, or on the packings. Seeing all of these numbers daily many times in a day whether I go out or not has become a regular feature. Are my angels giving me some messages? On Internet I read about people seeing a particular number or seuence repeatdedly. But I m seeing all of these number many times in a day for past two months. Please guide me on this. Thanks

  3. hansa says:

    Thanks so much for your greatness. My question is :I left my job impulsively two years back but since the day I left my job, I am yearning for it again. But these two years have been like a roller coaster ride for me. First time in my life, I came face to face with many harsh realities about my personal relationships (Gosh, My husband has been unfaithful to me for past 9 years), my spiritual ascension, my own shortcomings, fears and insecurities and also a critical review of my current life of 38 years on this earth. Please guide me was making me aware of all the above was a cosmic agenda behind leaving my job? I think I had learned enough lessons. Dear Mother, I loved this particular job and wish to get it again through cosmic intervention. Since I am still clueless what prompted me to leave this job and why yearn for it from the day I left. Please guide me. Thanks

  4. Steve says:

    Thank you to the beings who speak through you and you sheryl for taking the time and findsing the energy to be open to them and do this service.

    You could say my question boils down to uncertainty and that I should know the answers!

    Q. Am I deluding myself in this feeling of being/going to be a spiritual teacher? If I’m not deluded is this feeling of doing this service in the continent from whence my beloved wife hails the ‘correct’?

    Thank you

  5. Susan Lisa says:

    Thank you for the messages that you post. I always need/want a reminder!
    Is it possible to tell me if a portal moves (locations)? Is the portal drawn to people or the people to the portal?

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