Just Do It!

Q: I would like to receive any information they have regarding getting my reading and teaching business going. Wanting to do readings and teachings fulltime. Wondering if they have any advice for me.

Q: I did the same thing a few days after you, Sheryl. Do you have any guidance for me as to my next step? I am seeing signs and experiencing tremendous changes regarding my career, but encouragement and guidance would be most appreciated.

A: We have chosen to answer these two questions together as they are closely related. If you have come up with a plan of what you would like to do in the future then you are on the right track. For in this time of new energy, you write your own future as you would like it to be. You made a contract to do certain things and learn certain things before you came here, and most of you have completed most of your contract. And while some aspects of your contract remain, it is you who decides how to handle doing what you came to do every day. You can do things now or wait a few weeks or put it off for years if you wish. It does not matter to spirit when because on this side, time is not real as you know it to be.

So more specifically the questions. Is the questions really “Should I?”, “Could I?” or “Would I?” for each way of asking has a different answer.

Should I? – Well in truth you know the answer to this because if you have a desire you’ve answered the question – yes. This is something that I desire. You have created the dream because it is something that you want in your life. Again, within some parameters you set for yourself for your life, you are free to do whatever you want. If it makes your heart sing to do something, then do it?

Could I?- Of course you could. You are limitless manifesters. It is just that most of you have not yet fully mastered this ability. And why, because you doubt yourself and your magnificence. You have not even begun to image what you could do. This will grow stronger in each of you as you learn to make the decision to do something and then just do it.

Would I? – That is the easiest for you to answer because it is only you who takes action towards fulfilling any dream that you have. Again, just do it.

So how do you move towards your dream? There are 3 main ways of doing this.

1. You have the dream and you think about it often. You even make plans, sometimes in great detail, but then you put the plans on the shelf. You come up with all kinds of excuses why you cannot live your dream. “I have to wait until the children grow up.” “I don’t have enough money yet.” “I think may family and friends will disapprove or laugh at me.” Are these reasons to not live your dream? No, they are excuses to stall the process. And again there is no right or wrong except what you make it to be. It is your choice to go ahead or stay where you are. We can push and prod and suggest and even do things to get your attention, but if you are determined to stay still, so be it.

2. You have a dream and you decide to go ahead with it, but you have anxiety and concern. The future is unknown to you and you are scared that things will not work out the way you plan. So you dip your toes in the water so to speak. You take a small step towards your dream. You have not put the dream on a shelf to wait for whatever to happen, you move ahead, all be it cautiously. This may play out as continuing to do what you do now, but freeing up some time to do what you dream of doing. How much you make the change and how quickly are entirely up to you. You set the pace for yourself based on your comfort level. You can dip in your toe, your foot, your leg or get in the water up to your waist, whatever feels comfortable. You are moving forward towards your dream. This is the way most people proceed because it helps to ease some anxiety and fear to transition a little at a time.

3. Some of you choose to just jump in as a few of you have done recently. You got to the point where you could no longer do the mundane and have chosen to shut that door, before the next door opens. This is the most fear provoking way of making change and it takes great courage to jump into the unknown. This is often the fastest way to make the transition, but often the most challenging. You need to be prepared to face the unknown every day and just trust that it will work out and you will soon be living your dream.

How you choose to move towards those dreams is again, entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong, but that you make it so. Learn to dream your dreams, listen to your inner voice, follow your intuition and step into your future as you know it. Your dream can and will manifest as long as you create the dream, set the intention, ask for help when needed, see yourself living the dream and take whatever inspired action that comes to you. You have the power to create your dream.

Be aware of the power of fear that limits what many people choose to do for this is what blocks most people from making any change. It is usually the fear that the change will be worse than what you have now. This is so rarely the case and never the case if you are following your heart’s desire. When you meet a block of fear, spend some time with that fear to discover what you are really afraid of. What is the thought behind the fear? It is the thought itself that creates the fear, so to get rid of the fear, change the thought. This you have control of. Practice.

What is the worst that can happen when you follow your heart? Things might not go as you planned them to go and you might feel disappointment for a while. But if things are not the way you really want them to be, then choose again, and try something different. It may take some trial and error, a learning experience to find a way to live your heart’s desire, but that is part of what happens when things change.

And know that when things don’t work out the way you planned, you can plan again. And even greater than this, you can learn to have faith, faith in yourself that you can manifest what you desire and trust in spirit that when you let go and let God, things always turn out much better than what your minds can conceive. For there is so much love and support available to you. You need only ask, and a multitude of angels and beings will be at your side to provide support.

So dream your dreams, make your plans, let go of what does not fit any more and have faith in yourself and trust in spirit. And know that when you turn things over to God, even mountains can be moved.

We love you and support any decision you make to live life to the fullest.



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