Q: Is the portal in the store/house because of me or am I here because of the portal? I am rethinking the renovation because of the legal issues, will the portal follow where the store goes?

A: There is a portal in the core area of Kingston. It currently has an anchor point at your location because of the energy that has been brought there by the items in the store and the energy patterns of the people who come to the store. Also, having meditations where you anchor into the light of the crystalline grid has made a difference.

A portal is like having a skylight in the roof of a house. The light comes streaming through the opening and at your place you have created an opening. Openings can also be made in other locations throughout the core area of Kingston. Doing similar things that bring in the same level of energy will create an opening wherever the energy is right. There are other similar small portals in the Kingston area, with the strongest being around the core (downtown)

You have done a great service to your community by setting up a location that can anchor this level of light energy. What you have done is special and without you and your actions, this would not have happened, so wherever you go with this type of setting, the portal opening will follow.

Do not be afraid of doing anything that will damage or distort the ability of the energy to create a portal wherever it is needed. Whether people do or don’t do anything will not stop the influx of light that is happening. What a portal does is just make the anchoring of the new energies quicker and easier.

We are pleased with what you do and support whatever you feel guided to do. It’s like having angels surrounding you, which you do, wherever you walk and wherever they are welcomed, they are there.

We love you and are here for you – wherever you are.



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