Using your creativity

Q: I am having trouble finishing a piece of music. What is the best way for me to successfully finish the song I have written for Marlene’s wedding?

A: You have a gift that you have yet to realize and to accept. You have the ability to tap into the angelic realms and hear the “music of the spheres” as it has been called. Take some time to train your mind to listen to that realm and you will never again find it difficult to put musical pieces together.

Whenever you start to write music with your logical mind, it starts to become difficult because you’re always trying to figure it out ahead of time. This is the same for all creative ventures. When it becomes too logical, you have started working from the other side of your brain which can easily stop the flow of creativity.

So how do you get back into the other part of your brain? There are a few tricks. One of them is meditation. Spend some time in a meditative state and learn to calm the talk that goes on within the mind. This can be done with any type of meditation that you choose, a talking meditation, music, or simply through breathing. When you are in that meditative state, you are experiencing the world through another part of your brain, closer to where creativity lies. Go into meditation with a request for help and pay attention to what inspiration comes to you.

You do the same when you sleep. You have been told to “sleep on it” for a reason. You fully utilize the creative part of your brain when you sleep. Again ask for help and guidance through your dreams and see what happens.

Another trick that can be used is to disrupt how you usually process information. If you normally write or draw or play music with you right hand, switch to the left. This forces you to limit the logical mind and tap into the creativity. This is especially useful if you combine this with meditation.

In any creative endeavour there is no right and wrong, it just is. It is important to put judgement aside to allow yourself to go with the creative flow. The fastest way to stop a creative idea is to say, “that’s stupid” or “that’s not good enough” or some variation on that. Just allow the ideas to flow like doing a brainstorming, allowing ideas to be expressed without judging or deciding if they are right or wrong, good or bad. As you allow this free flow of ideas, you will find that you can tap into the depths of your creativity because you have created an opening for the ideas to flow.

And lastly, know that what you are doing is producing a product of love. It is a song about love that you are creating that is being developed with love. Let the energy of your heart guide your creativity. Spend some time before you start your creative process to think about all of the things that your truly love. Create these pictures in your mind and let yourself feel it in your body. This will radically shift the outcome.

Know that you are truly a creative being and tell the critical part of you to take a holiday while you blend your heart energy and your creativity to finish the task.



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