Q: I have a lot going on in my life, with my son in trouble with the law and his girlfriend pregnant. Not sure how to ask the question. I would like to know if there is anything that I can do to help him turn his life around, and his relationship with this baby I know he isn’t happy with the situation and his girlfriend and this is causing stress in his life. What role do I play and him with this baby.

A: There is but one role that a parent plays in the life of a child. The primary job is to love them and the secondary job is to guide them. It is like the role of the guides and angels who works with all of you. We are here to love you and to guide you.

Love is unconditional. It is not, I will love you if….. or when…. It is a love that endures all situations regardless of what the child has chosen to do. From your perspective it may seem like it is not an appropriate choice for a child to make as there are consequences that you do not want your child to face. But in reality, you know not the reason their soul has chosen a certain experience. Always it is for their learning and spiritual growth, as awful as it may seem to you.

All beings seek God in one form or another. Everyone comes to earth with a spiritual plan and an outline of what they plan to learn. How they learn the lessons is not planned in such detail. It is the case that many who end up in prison have a remarkable change come over them by this experience. Some learn the hard way to never do something similar again. Many find a new avenue of study from the books that they choose to read or the program that they participate in. And many find their source of spiritual strength through the experience.

As hard as it is for a parent to just sit back and let their child experience life the way they have chosen to learn, it is important that you do just that. Just as we watch and wait for an opportunity to help and to love you, so does a parent. We do not interfere, but we do at times provide support through information, guidance, abundance and nurturing.

So regardless of what a child does, give support and love and know that they are on their own personal journey and will end up back at “home” when the time is right. Your job is to love unconditionally and do what you feel guided to do to support them to make different choices in the future. But remember, it is their future.

As far as the role of grand parenting. Know that there are many special children being born at this time and yours is one of them. Your role with a grandchild is the same, to love and guide them. This is an especially important role if the parents of that child are young and inexperienced. They require the support of their elders to hold them close to their hearts and support them as they grow physically and spiritually. These new children are being born with the ability to connect directly to the spiritual realm and often find it hard to be in a physical body. They need the security of as many people as possible to send them unconditional love and people who will help them to adjust to being highly spiritual beings “in skin.” They have chosen a difficult task, but are here to change the frequencies of the planet for the benefit of all.

Your most important role through all of these experiences as a parent is to remember your role as student. Children come to teach their parents some of the most valuable lessons you will ever learn. They teach you to love and care for others. They help you to know how wise you really are. They bring situations into your life so you can learn the lessons that you chose for yourself in this lifetime. Children indeed are wonderful teachers.

From the perspective of a parent it is usually difficult to see the positives in what may look like a negative situation, but there is a purpose for every experience. Instead of focusing on how difficult the situation is, you may choose to look at this as just another learning experience. And know that sometimes the hardest lessons are often the most valuable to have learned.

Know that every parent has the love and support of a host of guides and angels working with them as does every child. When times feel difficult know that you are not alone. Call on the divine and help will come.

We love you and support the important role that you play.


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