Moving Forward

Q: I feel like I have jumped both feet into my future, but have hit a wall and am stalled right here, not knowing what to do and not feeling motivated. Would you please give me some guidance about moving forward and doing what I came here to do?

A: While it may seem on the surface as if not much is happening right now, within you so much is being changed. We’re sure that you have noticed many changes like feeling calm and rested for a change and not feeling like you need to rush out and do things because there is so much to do. You have entered a state of calm that is new to you and so it feels very different. You’re not used to being in this state of peace and it feels like being stalled.

It is a time of rest and rejuvenation for many lightworkers who are going through transitions at this time, and you are not alone. Many have been called to let go of their past life and employment and just rest for a while. During this resting period, your energy systems are being reworked and you are being aligned to higher energies in a new way. Have you not noticed that new guides have made their presence known? That is a sign of the energy changes for you now are able to contact dimensions that you could not before.

We see much movement and things are actually progressing quite quickly despite you feeling like you are standing still. It is like you have returned to school for a period of time and much of the teaching goes on at levels that are beyond your conscious awareness. We will guide you each step of the way.

As to the future, this cannot be determined until all of the energy changes occur for it is not just you alone going through a transition. Everyone on the planet is being affected by the energy changes and the outcome energetically will depend on what many others choose to do. The timing of some events is still unknown as free will changes things.

In the bigger picture, everything is moving forward as was expected and you are progressing as expected as you have chosen to use some of your time to connect to spirit every day. Please continue to do this in whatever way feels right to you. It can be as simple as just saying, “Okay, I’m ready to learn what you have to teach me today” or if you prefer, just set the intention now that you are open to learn whatever spirit has to teach you each day, and you will be on autopilot so to speak.

Just know that we love you and are in awe of the progress you have made so far as with the progress of those in your spiritual circle, for all are involved in the learning process.

When the time is right, we will gently guide you towards the next stage of work that you came here to do. Know that the timing will be perfect so do not feel that you need to rush the process for that is not possible. God knows the master plan and all is truly in divine order.

We walk with you every day and are here to support all that you have yet to learn during this time of relaxation. Rest up, for your life will begin to fill with work that your heart is yearning to do. Be good to yourself and know that we are always here for you ALL WAYS.

Know that we wait to bow down at your feet and hold you in our arms. We wish to speak to you every day and touch your heart with our loving presence. Know that you are never alone and that all that you do is perfection. We love you. We love you. We love you.

In loving service to you,


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