Message from Mother Mary

My beloved children of the light,

I am pleased to again be in your presence and have the opportunity to speak to you. I bless this being who is so kind as to act as my “radio” as she calls it, for it is difficult for many of you at this time to hear my words. This will come to you all in time as you learn to tune into these higher dimensions.

And by higher, we are not saying better, but more like your radio stations that have numbers, some higher some lower. This is just a way of identifying a frequency.

I call on all of you who are reading these words to spend some time each day in communication with spirit in whatever way feels most appropriate for you to do so. For some of you this may take the form of prayer or meditation, a walk in nature, a quiet moment by a stream or just sitting on your deck listening to the birds. We are reaching out to all of you and want the opportunity to be able to help you feel the love that we have for all of you.

You are the children of spirit and you have yet to fully understand the vastness of your being, the realms that you have access to and the amount of love and support that is available for the asking.

We are aware of a block that we have run into with many of you and would like to address that in this message. The block goes something like…. “I don’t deserve…” So many of you hold a variation of this theme, where you have learned to believe that you are less than magnificent and deserving of all the wonders and treasures that mother father God has made available for the children of earth.

I ask you to spend some time exploring your mind and try to find the belief that you hold that says you are not good enough, not deserving, not a worthy child of your mother father God. And know that your belief is just that, a belief.

Just because you believe something to be true does not make it true. In the past you may have believed that being able to have a phone that you carry in your pocket and lets you be in contact with others wherever you are was not a possibility. You believed that is could not be done. Have you changed this belief over time? I expect that you now believe this to be true, and that you own one of these devises yourself.

As you learn new information, your beliefs can and do change. Some of you may not believe that this is really the voice of spirit speaking to you from the other side and many of you believe and know this to be the truth. Whatever you believe is your truth, but not necessarily the truth of another.

So, please identify the limiting belief that you have about deserving and having a connection to your mother father God, whatever you choose to call this source energy. For it is truth, whether or not your current belief supports this. You deserve to be held in the loving arms of your mother father God, and have all the love and support that you need to carry out the work that you came here to do.

Please know that we are just a breath away from you at all times. Your guides and angels and beings of spirit walk with you each step of your day. We support you during your waking and sleeping hours. We are by your side at each moment of every day. All you need to do is ask, and we will support you in ways that are beyond your current beliefs. We want you to succeed and live in magnificence.

So please ask whenever you need help, when you feel alone, when the journey gets difficult, just reach out across the veil and say “Help me” for we cannot interfere or step in without being invited. We want to help, we just need an invitation.

I also encourage you to begin to gather as a community more often, for the support of other lightworkers will lighten your load. For you have all been called to assist with the transformation of the planet to one of light and love, and part of the task is providing support to other lightworkers. So in whatever way you can help each other with this important work, get together and help each other to prosper and grow.

Know that we are always here for you – all ways. Our love is never ceasing and we always have a listening ear and an open heart and arms to hold you when needed. Again, just ask. We long to serve you as you do your important light work.

We love you. We bow down at your feet and we venerate you. You are loved. You are love.

Mary, your divine mother


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