Inner Guidance

Questions about spiritual teachingQ. Has the ego won, am I deluding myself in thinking I will be/am a spiritual teacher; and if I’m not deluding myself am I to stay here and teach or take it to my wife’s continent?

Q. Is it time for me to teach and what should I start teaching first?

A. We have chosen to answer these two questions together as they are closely related. First of all, as divine beings, we have no control over what those in human form choose to do or when they choose to do it, so we cannot answer the specifics of when, where or what. All of those things you have control over. I know this may be a frustrating type of answer, but it is reality.

As far as teaching, there is an increased need now for beings of light to begin to teach each other. So many are searching for answers and so many seek spirit in these times of disruption that will continue to happen for the next few years as the energy on the planet changes.

So teaching – yes. There is a need and the need is now. Each of you have been given a specific area of interest and have a specific body of knowledge that you have the capacity to teach to others. So begin your preparation and begin to offer your services to the world.

As you do this, it is important to follow your inner guidance for there you will find help and support as you make decisions. Stay in tune with what feels right, what messages you hear both inside of you and from others, with what you know to be truth and what visions you see while awake or asleep. For these are your messages. Spending time each day in meditation asking specifically for clear guidance regarding these decisions will make the process easier.

When you feel that you are not sure what to do, just send up a quick prayer for help and a message will be sent immediately. Be open to receive what we send to you and know that it may come in a variety of forms.
Start to talk to those around you and ask them what they are struggling with or what they would like to learn more about and offer workshops and groups that meet that need. People are crying out for information, you just need to ask them what they want to know. This information too is a message from spirit.

When you begin to open yourself up to divine guidance in these ways, you will find that things begin to get clearer and clearer. Pay attention to how you feel at all times and go with what feels right to you. You will know. You will know. Your own divine higher self always knows the truth and instills this information in your conscious mind when the time is right.

So move forward with your desire to teach for the desire is there for a reason and follow the divine guidance that you receive, but there is one more thing that you must take into account.

Everyone has beliefs about what they do and the outcomes that they will achieve and all too often those beliefs are negative. Things like, “I’ll try to run a workshop but I know no one will come” or “Why would they come to work with me when Joe knows more that I do” or a million variations on this theme. Be aware of any limiting beliefs that you hold and do what you need to do to change those beliefs. Listen to what you say when you talk about teaching, for your words echo your beliefs.

And know that in these new times of enlightenment, the ability to manifest whatever you desire has become easier for all of the beings of light. You have the ability to be successful if you set the intention, stay positive and follow your inner guidance.

Also, do not be discouraged if the timing of things seems to not be what you would desire and know that your timing needs to match up with the timing of your students. You may find that you set a date and it does not work for others. You have not made a mistake; it is just that other people’s timing and personal needs may not match your schedule. So be persistent and follow your dreams.

As far as the where? – The answer is anywhere you desire to be. You will receive inner guidance in this area when the time is right for you. Tune into all aspects of the decision before you and know that you do have the ability to manifest what you would prefer. We can guide, but ultimately, you decide.

It has been a pleasure to be able to communicate with you in this way and we wish you well on your journeys.

In loving service,

Arcturius for the Keepers of the Light Codes


One Response to Inner Guidance

  1. nimekuwa says:

    Thank you for this. Given the connection I have for Arcturus it was interesting that Arcturius should provide the answer.

    In Love and Light

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