Mother Mary on Change

My beloved children,

I am always pleased to be able to communicate with you in this way. We, on this side of the veil want you to know how much we love each and every one of you. We hold you in our hearts and walk with you with each step.
It is still a time of change for so many of you and I felt the need to comment on this as it is causing distress for many. The energies are changing and as they change, so does everything that is made up of energy. It is all starting to vibrate at a higher frequency which is resulting in many disruptions.

The most commonly noticed disruption comes in your physical body. For you may be experiencing things that are totally out of character for you. It is not that something is wrong; it is that something is changing. And of course, seek medical advice and support if you have a concern for some of you do require a so called medical intervention to support this change. Spirit also guides the hands of physicians so do not be in judgment of those who reach out for help and support in this way. You do what you need to do to take care of yourself.

Just know that these physical changes for many of you are temporary and will calm down as your energy adjusts. And for some of you, illness is part of the experience that you came here for and it serves a higher purpose. It is human nature to suffer and divine to rise above the suffering to find a spiritual meaning, for difficult situations are often the best teacher of the lessons you came to learn.

Many of you are distressed because you are facing major life changes and don’t know what to do or even if you can handle them. This too is part of the divine growth process. Think of it as you experienced childhood. Size 2 clothes fit you one year and not long after you needed size 12. You grow and as you grow physically, you grow spiritually. Part of this growth involves changes, particularly letting go of people and situations that no longer fit who you are.

As you vibrate at a higher and higher frequency, you no longer fit with the energies around you and it begins to feel quite uncomfortable as it would being a size 12, trying to fit into size 2 clothes. It just doesn’t work anymore. This is the process all beings are going through to one degree or another. Whether people are spiritually conscious or not, they are growing.

And this has been accelerated as of late with the new energies that are being anchored in. Many, many, many changes are and will continue to happen. You need to become aware of what does not fit anymore and move into relationships and situations that are a better fit for you.

This may mean changing jobs, letting go of relationships, moving to a new location, adopting new habits or even starting to do things that you have never done before, for even the old habits do not fit.

You will begin to see more and more people spontaneously changing their behaviors without being able to explain why. They will just stop drinking or smoking because they no longer fit. Or they will just walk away from a long time marriage that begins to feel uncomfortable or any variety of changes that seem out of character will become spontaneous and will be done without a lot of thought put into it. This will happen more and more as the energy shifts.

With the upcoming solstice, a new wave of energy will be anchored in via the crystalline grid. Many of you are being called to do the work of anchoring in this energy. We celebrate all who participate and know that there is not a right or wrong way to anchor in this energy. You may be in a group or alone in prayer, just make a conscious effort to connect to the divine source energy, or God, whatever term you prefer to use. Just open yourself to this divine energy and bring it into yourself in whatever way feels right, then picture the energy going from your heart to the hearts of those around you. Then be prepared for some real changes.

Anything that has not already been shifted that needs to be shifted will begin as the energy is anchored in. The process of change will be instant for some and long term for others, based on their life lessons and choices but it will affect everyone.

Watch for changes in systems and institutions to happen over the summer months, for the new energy will change the hearts and minds of so many. And the more who are consciously changing, the quicker the outward changes will happen. And know that you need not fear these changes, for they are changes of the light and will benefit all.

That is my message for now. I will again speak to you in this way. We love you and honour your journey on earth. You’ve chosen a difficult task and are doing a wonderful job of bringing light to the planet. We love you all.

Mary, your divine mother


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