What’s up?

I’ve spent most of the last few day exhausted and sore. Others I’ve spoke to have been feeling the same way. Not really wanting to do anything but rest. I asked what was up and got this response.

The energy is shifting very quickly and it is affecting many workers of the light in dramatic ways. The main feeling is fatigue and for those of you with energy blocks, there is also some pain.

While it may not be comfortable, don’t be distressed. Give it about another week to 10 days and you’ll be feeling much lighter. We are adjusting beings at a cellular level and to do this requires a lot of energy which leaves you feeling tired. It’s just an energy shift, nothing more. Think of this as a time that your body wants you to rest before the big party begins. For soon, you will be celebrating a new sense of freedom that is new for many of you.

So hang on and be good to yourselves.

Arcturius for the keepers of the light codes.


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