Where to live?

Q. A part of me says that I need to be happy no matter where I am and most days I am very happy. But I still long to be back in my hometown by the ocean. Is this just a material wish to be forgotten or do you see that I will be able to get back home to the ocean as part of my path for this incarnation?

A. There seems to be a longing in your question. It seems that you are torn between where you are now and where some part of you longs to be. I ask you a question; “Where are you most at home?” This is where some part of you longs to be – home, at least as close to home as you can feel in this dimension, for I expect that the longing really is to be in your spiritual home.

While you can learn to touch this spiritual home while in this dimension, it will be a while before you can fully feel like you are at home. This will come to pass, but there are still lessons to learn and tasks you have come here to do. So do not be hasty and that day will arrive.

As far as where to choose to live, that is a choice. What is your heart saying, dear one? Not what does your mind think is best, but what does your heart tell you. Often the best solution to where should I be is to spend time in each location and feel what it is like to be there. What fills you up and what brings you down. That is important information to help guide decisions.

I cannot tell you if, when or what to do, for those are decisions only you can make child. The best I can do is remind you of the magnificence of who you are and the incredibly ability all of you have to create your own destiny. Wherever you choose to be and take action towards being there, so will it be. The challenge is most often the fear that comes with change. The “what if’s”, the “how to’s”, the “why now’s” are the thoughts that slow you down and they are most often based on some fear that still exists within your mind.

Spend some time exploring what you really, really want and explore what are the fears that keep you from having what you really, really want. For the want can become your reality as you choose it and take the necessary action. In this time of new energy, it is getting easier for all of you to move into having what you desire even quicker than before and always, the only block is the lack of trust in yourself and the remaining fears that keep people from taking inspired action.

Please do not be hard on yourself at this time as you tend to be. For it is a time to celebrate life and not work so darn hard at everything. Get into the flow of life. Let us know what you desire and let us get to work to move heaven and earth to help make it happen for you. The time to fight is over, the time for trust is here.

We wish you well on your journey dear one. Know that you are not alone and that everything is indeed in divine order. You are loved beyond measure.

Mary, your divine mother


One Response to Where to live?

  1. Marta says:

    Thank you so much for your amazing message! My Love to you always.

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