What is going on?

Q. Mary, what is happening to me? I’ve been feeling exhausted and sore for over a week and now I’m tired to the point of tears, feel down and just want to be left alone. What is going on???

A. Dear child,
We are working with your energy system to redesign some of your systems so to speak. There are some areas of dysfunction in your biology and it is being repaired. It is much like housecleaning where things are being moved out and reorganized and right now you are feeling the chaos of these adjustments. The more you relax into it, the quicker the process will be. Try not to fight the feelings, just be with them.

Whether you are active or at rest, the fatigue will remain the same for the fatigue is not what you’d call fatigue in the usual sense. It is sort of a rewiring of your system that causes certain circuits to shut down. This is the fatigue and it will not last much longer.

The day of your solstice is coming and many beings are planning to meet to anchor in more energy. The rewiring so to speak is to enable you and many other beings of the light to be able to hold the new energies that will be released at that time. Many will soon begin to understand what the light codes are and what to do with the information that will be released to many across the planet.

All of you reading these words at this time that are also going through physical and emotional challenges are being prepared to hold the new energies and assist with the unlocking of the light codes. You know who you are.

We are adjusting all of you in the specific ways that your unique body needs to be adjusted, so no two people will have the same specific experience. You will feel the adjustments the most in what you might call your weakest places.

Everyone on your planet will be affected by the energies of the light codes being released. Most will not be aware of any change. Some will be asked to actively work with these light energies and a few will be asked to unlock the codes. Those in the last two groups are the ones who are being most affected by the energy adjustments.

The light codes are due to be unlocked on you solstice providing enough workers of the light are prepared to hold this energy so we cannot with certainty give you an exact date, but the solstice will be the earliest release of the energy.

Some of you that are being called to work with these energies will soon begin to receive the information about how to do this work. I will be asking this being that I speak through to post this information on this site as it is required. You all have the ability to receive this information directly and you will. The written word will act as a reminder that what you know to be true is indeed true.

Know that you are loved and we feel great compassion for those of you who are feeling the effects of these adjustments. Call on us to help ease the severity of what you feel. We are here to love and support you and honour you for the work that you have chosen to do for your planet.

We are here to support all that you do and fall down at your feet to honour your light. Be good to yourselves as this adjustment happens and be prepared for the lightness that will come to you when the energy is downloaded.

Mary, your divine mother


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