Confirm What You Already Know

Q.  Mother Mary, I’ve been distracted for some time now with internet and exploring who and what I am…and this had lead me down some darker paths of seeking. Is this distraction an attempt to lead me away from my knowing? Or is it just part of my journey? I have had realizations from these forays that I might not otherwise have had, so in some ways it has helped my growth. In other ways I feel constantly pulled away from my center and who/what I truly am. I could use some clarity here, as it’s hard for me to see the forest from the trees. Thank-you, my Dearest. 🙂

A.  Dear one, it is time to stop looking outside of yourself for answers and time to look within. For there is where you will find your truth. You have read every article, spoken to many people, taken many courses and so on, but you have missed the point. Information is valuable, but it needs to be processed by each individual to make sense of it. No one out there has the answers for you, the best that they can give you is information.

Instead of spending any more time right now looking to others to find your truth, spend that time going within, learning to access information for yourself, from the guides, angels, teachers that surround you. Use this information through your own inner knowing to discern for yourself what truth is. You have the ability to do this and for you it can be learned very easily, in fact you have the skills, you just don’t use it all the time because you doubt this ability.

The information that is found on the internet, through books and workshops is all valuable information and always you are guided to what you need to know at a particular time, but I ask you to being going within to have a question answered, to connect to the divine in you and the energies around you. And then, go to the outside resources for confirmation, not information.

Starting within strengthens your connection to the divine and will help you to learn to formulate your own truths, which is part of the human process that everyone goes through. We are here to help and support you and will always guide you to the right information at the right time.

Let go of the need to know everything in order to “get it right” because it is always right, for you, in the moment. Learn to trust that you will be given the information that you need and that what you know in any moment is perfect. I sense that you put a lot of pressure on yourself to know all there is to know. But what you may know, but don’t yet accept is that all you need to know is already within you. You already have every piece of information that is needed, you just need to be able to access it.

I thank you for this question and want you to know that you can speak to be directly and anytime and I will be there to provide whatever information that you need. I will also help you to discern what is right for you in the moment. All you need to do is ask and it will be so. And then, you need to trust that you can do this and are worthy of walking with me, of knowing me personally for I long to have our relationship become two way. I am here for you, always.

Mary, your divine mother


One Response to Confirm What You Already Know

  1. Star Dreamer says:

    Thank-you Mother Mary. You have told me something that I knew….and yet needed to hear again. I love you. 🙂

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