What’s Blocking Me?

Q. How can I be of most service to the light? How can I maintain a continual connection to my Mighty I AM Presence?

Q. Thank you dearest Mother, for your unfailing love and devotion.  I know you are there, but what is my block?  When will it be my time to communicate and channel telepathically with you, other masters and my beloved angels and guides? (who by the way are very patient with me :))

A.  My children, I have chosen to answer these two questions together as they relate closely to each other. Both of you seem to be doubting the magnificence of who you are. If only you could see yourselves from my perspective. Then you would truly know who you are, divine aspects of our mother father God. Once you truly begin to accept this truth, you will never have any doubts again about your role or your abilities as workers of the light.

Both of you have the ability to do healing work with others, albeit using different modalities. One of you is able to do hands on healing or healing others just by being present with them. All you need to do is shake hands or sit beside them, or even be in the same room. Open up the vastness of the love energy that you are and let this permeate the room and the other being. Just remember to not take on their issues. This is a simple as saying I am sending, not receiving energy or whatever image or words remind you that energy is going out of you and not into you from the other person. See the vastness of your connection to the divine and draw the energy from that source. Then sit back and see what happens to those around you. Magnificent indeed.

One of you has the ability to easily connect with the guides angels and teachers that surround you every day. Once you learn to connect with that information, both through hearing in your mind and just knowing things to be true (Your strongest modalities) you can begin to use this ability in your everyday life to assist with the healing of those around you. Begin to practice tuning in, in whatever way fits you best. It could be through meditation, walking in nature and just being aware of everything or by taking a specific course that helps you to open better to divine guidance. Just know that once you believe you can do this, you will.

You both have similar blocks to moving into the fullness of who you are. It is called doubt. You have some doubt in the reality of the energy and information that is available to you; just not yet sure that you can fully trust this. And the greatest doubt is in yourselves. You doubt that you are indeed good enough, or worthy to have such a close relationship with the divine.

Know that you do have a very strong relationship with the divine for if you did not, you would not have posed this question. This answer that you are receiving is not new information to either of you, it is confirmation of what you already know, but doubt that this knowing could be true.

It may just take a period of trial to prove to yourself that indeed you have great gifts that can be used to change the level of light that shines in others and in the world around you for that is your job, to help others begin to know that light. The light of our mother father God and the light of who they are themselves. This you can help to instil in others.

And you can do this in your everyday life. You need not set up a special time to meet with people to work with them, but you can if you so choose. You can do this work wherever you go. For example while standing in line to buy groceries, you may choose to be open to the divine energy that surrounds you and send light from yourself to the person in line in front of you who seems to be having a bad day.

When you couple this type of work with a kind word or two, you can begin to change the world around you, one person at a time. And know that as you send love to one being, it comes back to you exponentially and leaves you feeling better being in this world.

I am grateful that you have posed these questions, for they are universal questions that so many beings are struggling with. Everyone has the ability to do what I have just discussed; it is just that both of you, at some level, already know this to be true. Now go out and help others to know this truth for themselves.


Mary, your divine mother


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