Who you really are

I was given this beautiful story today that many of you will relate to. I know it’s written about a princess, but would apply as well to a prince. Enjoy!

Once, a long time ago, there was a very young woman who did not know that she was born into a family of great status. Her father was a prince and her mother a princess so to speak and the child was separated from them due to a war in the land. The child was young when she was sent away to stay with others to be protected from the war.

Over time, the child found out that her parents had been killed attempting to defend their territory and those who cared for her from the religious order did not tell her of her heritage in order to protect her from any enemies of her parents.

She grew up surrounded by women of light who took great care of her and treated her like the princess that she was, but never shared this information with her. As she began to venture out into the world around her, she discovered that she was quite different from the children around her. She had lived a different life than her peers and could not relate to them very well. So she largely kept to herself.

She felt alone and lost among her peers and longed to have friends that she could relate to. So, she learned to keep herself to herself and adopt the mannerisms of her peers so that they would accept her. She shut down her ability to speak to spirit that she was taught by those who cared for her and she tried to behave like her peers, carefree and playful.

But this was not at all easy for her because inside of herself, she knew she was different but did not really understand what the difference was for she had buried her true self so deep in order to be accepted.

And all along she did not know that her heritage was that of princess, and to be the ruler of her kingdom. Those that cared for her knew, but the time was too dangerous and the child was still too young to know the truth for her own good.

So time went on and the child grew to be a woman and did what most women chose to do, choose a mate and settle down to raise a family. She chose not to follow a life of a religious order for as she shut down to fit in with her peers, she shut down her connection to God, again for her protection and to help her fit in and be accepted. But God did not leave her. He / she always waited patiently in the background.

Her children grew and she lost touch with the women who raised her and eventually there was no one left alive who knew the truth of who she really was. This information was lost to all who were living and known only to God and the angels who surrounded her.

Then, there was a tragedy in her life; she did not know what to do or where to turn for in her role as parent and wife, she had shut herself away from the religious order and most of her friends. She lived in a remote area and there were few people around and even fewer that she even spoke to. She got very sad and felt so alone although her house was filled with noise and activity, she knew something was missing.

During the time of the tragedy she felt alone and did not have anyone to lean on to help her find her way through her grief so she learned to shut down in a very real way. She taught herself to not even feel anything for the grief and aloneness was truly unbearable for her.

It took a long time and many, many difficult days before she somehow found her reconnection to God. Many lonely nights led her to prayer, something she had not done since her youth. She began to pray in earnest and God began to answer her prayers.

She found a reconnection to the divine and learned to hear the angels who walked with her. They began to speak to her of her heritage, to help her learn that she indeed was a princess.

She searched and searched to find any evidence of this and could find none. She was not raised as a royal being and had lived her life simply and alone in many ways. There was no one in her life that could confirm her royal lineage. But just because she could find no proof did not mean that she was any less a princess. This is who she was, she just didn’t know it.

So, one day, God appeared to her in the form of an angel and said to her that now was the time to claim her heritage. She did not believe that this was true because of the lack of evidence and God asked what it would take for her to believe this to be true. She wanted proof, tangible evidence of this.

So God responded and little messages were sent to her over time. A comment here, a picture there to remind her of her heritage and she learned in time to accept her greatness and know that she was of royal lineage.

But what to do with this knowledge? The kingdom had moved on and chosen other rulers in her stead because they did not know that the child lived beyond the years of the war. The villagers believed that she was lost or searched out and killed by her parent’s enemies. This was not truth, but that is what the people believed.

But there was one in the village who knew the truth for he had a special connection to the child in an etheric way and always tracked her progress. He knew who she was and what she was doing and he just sat back and patiently waited for her to reach a level of maturity and readiness to learn the truth of who she was.

This time came to pass and the wise one went to her and said, “Do you know who you are?” And she responded with the story of her life as she knew it. He told her the truth and still she did not believe it, but because this was confirmed for her she began to open to the possibility that this was true. While she had no evidence that this was true, there was also no evidence that this was false. A part of her mind opened to possibilities.

And with this possibility, she began to pray and ask for information and guidance and lo and behold this came to her. She learned to rely on the way to speak to God that the religious women who raised her had taught her to use. She began to pray in earnest and listen to the voice of God, for she always had to ability to hear, she just did not use it since her youth.

As she prayed and began to listen, she began to understand and slowly accept the truth of who she was, a princess, part of the royal family and a beloved child of God. It took time, but she slowly began to know this was true.

It was a struggle at times for her to remain open to this knowing for she had taught herself well to just fit in and be like anyone else and because she had no training, she had no concept of how a princess was supposed to act. She had to learn all of this and it was learned through direct guidance by God for she had no human support other that the wise one who told her of her heritage.

The end of the story has yet to be written for the princess had just found out recently who she is. Being a princess now opens very many doors for her to explore but first she needs to understand what it means to be part of a royal family and how she can best fit into the world with this new identity. It will take her some time to adjust to seeing herself in a different light.


One Response to Who you really are

  1. Lacy says:

    Has Sarah been re-incarnated and if so could she been walking this Earth as we speak? What a beautiful story..I hope one day there will be an ending result..God Bless You

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