What Should I Be Doing?

Q.  How can I help for the highest good of all?

Q.  What is Your wish, what would You have me do

Q.  As far as my spiritual path goes, what else can I be doing?

A. I have chosen to answer these 3 questions together for they are really the same question; “What should I be doing?” The answer is a simple one, but I will elaborate for clarity.

What you are all here to do is simply Be Love and Be Loved. That is why you all came to earth in this incarnation to learn about love, the giving and the receiving of love. It is simple and often made complex.

So how can you be the love that you are in the work that you do? Just ask this question as posed in the works of “Conversations With God”, “What would love do now?” Let this be your guiding question while you plan each and every moment of your day. Live your day in love.

All 3 of you are currently doing the work that you have come here to do and you are honoured for that work. At this point in time, don’t change a thing, just keep on doing what you are doing for you are all bringing a vital service to the planet simply by being who you are, a being of love and doing what you feel called to do.

Know that you will all receive some clear guidance for some adjustments to what you are doing once the light code energy is released on the planet for the needs of the less enlightened around will begin to be altered and many more will be seeking to understand what you have that they are missing. Your role is to be the beacon of light for others and to share what you know with them.

The 3 of you are teachers and healers and your work will take you a bit more in the direction of doing one to one teaching and healing with other people. This can be done by continuing to do the work that you now do and just begin to be conscious that each person who crosses your path comes as a student and being in need of some healing love energy. You need not have their permission to send love to them for this is the role of lightworkers everywhere, to share your light and love.

So continue on your path as it is set, be open to opportunities that will begin to surface after the summer solstice as you know it and be and share the love that you are with every being who crosses your path.

And now for the more challenging task which is the main job for all of you at this time, to Be Loved. You know on a surface level that you are loved by many who are around you. You see evidence of this every day. Love comes in the form of a kind word sent your way, the offer of help from another and warm hugs among other things. You understand what it means to Be Loved by others.

Where the challenge lies for the 3 of you and most beings on this planet is to truly, truly, love and accept yourself, every aspect of who you are and every aspect of what you have done. This is the challenge. It is easier to send love to those around you than it is to send love to yourself and this is what I am asking you to do at this time.

Learn to let go of the expectations that others have imposed on you over the years. Let go of the so called standards that society has placed on men and women, all the rules and guidelines of how you should be and how you should look and what you should be doing. Let these go for these are like old suits of clothing that do not fit you anymore. That is what was. What is, is that you are a divine aspect of God, perfect in every way, doing exactly what you are meant to be doing at this point in your life. You are perfect just the way you are.

You are so loved. Now learn to love yourself and just live the love that you are. This is your job; this is what you all are meant to do:

Be Love & Be Loved


Mary, your divine mother


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