Light Code Activation

I was given a meditation today to be used on Sun. June 21st to begin to activate the light codes.I don’t yet have much information about the light codes, but have promised that this is coming. So far I know

  • It is a form of energy that was locked away when Lemuria was dismantaling itself
  • It is energy that can be used for healing using different modalities
  • Many lightworkers will be guided to work with this energy
  • There are a number of people who serve as “keys” to unlock the energy
  • The codes will begin to be released on the Solstice, June 2009

Here’s the meditation:

Anchoring in the Light Codes

Solstice Meditation – June 21, 2009

(Note: I like to start each meditation with a prayer that I was taught verbally. I do not know the correct spelling for some of the words- so they are written phonetically. You will be creating a “holon” around the group which looks like 2 pyramids attached together, one pointing up and one pointing down, with the group in the centre)


Close your eyes and make yourself comfortable where you are sitting or lying and just begin to take a few deep breaths, breathing in and breathing out, feeling your body begin to relax, sinking down into your chair or where you are lying down, just beginning to feel very comfortable and relaxed.

And we will begin with a prayer:

Ka-doish, ka-doish, ka-doish,    ad-on-ai     za-be-oth.

Ka-doish, ka-doish, ka-doish,    ad-on-ai     za-be-oth.

Ka-doish, ka-doish, ka-doish,    ad-on-ai     za-be-oth.

Holy, holy, holy is our mother / father God

Shalom – Peace be with you

We call now on all of the guides, angels, teachers and divine beings of light who work with us and ask them to be present with us now.

El- ee-lee-on,  El- ee–on, El- ee-lee-on

Just see a pyramid shape forming around this group with 4 corners around us and the top of the pyramid reaching up to the sky, moving up, and up until it connects with the crystalline light grid that surrounds our planet.

And focus again on the 4 corners around us representing earth, air, water and fire, the basic elements of planet earth, and now see another pyramid forming from these 4 corners down into the earth, anchoring into the core of our mother earth.

And now be aware of being inside this double pyramid surrounded by 4 corners, reaching up to the sky and down to the earth.

And imagine this pyramid to be a wonderful violet colour, the colour of the violet flame, pulsating and vibrating around us.

Lay-oo-esh     shek-in-ah,   Lay-oo-esh    shek-in-ah,  Lay-oo-esh     shek-in-ah

Now call down a pillar of light from the top of the pyramid filling the inside of our double pyramid with a beautiful pink, glowing energy filled with diamond like sparkles of light. And sit in this beautiful energy for a few moments and feel how soothing this feels.

Now begin to breath in this light energy, breathing in love and light and let this beautiful light begin to fill every cell, molecule and stand of DNA in your body, breathing in the love of our divine mother / father God as your body further adjusts to the energy of love.

And with every breath we draw in more of the beautiful pink light energy from the crystalline grid into the pyramid shape that surrounds us. And fill your hearts with love and light, and shine this light on every area of darkness within your body, every cell, molecule and strand of DNA, turning it all into a shimmering energy of light.

Now be aware of the earth beneath your feet and the pyramid that connects us now to the diamond core in the centre of the earth. Begin to feel the heart beat of mother earth, the connection between the light from above and the diamond core below.

And now focus on the core of your body, the chakra system that runs from an area over the top of your head, down to the base of your spine. As you breathe in, imagine that the light energy from the crystalline grid moves down through our pyramid of light, through the top of your head, down through the core of your body and out through your root chakra at the base of your spine. Imagine the energy then going down through our inverted pyramid into the core of the planet.

Now, as you breathe out, draw the energy from the diamond core of the earth, back up through your spine, and out the top of your head, up through our pyramid to the crystalline grid of light.

Continue this movement of energy, drawing down light through your body and you breath in and moving the diamond light up to the grid as you breathe out. Continue this for a few moments, feeling your chakra system light up as the energy moves.

This movement of energy now begins to draw down the energy of the light codes. Feel this energy shift as the colour of the light shifts to the light blue, sparkling diamond like light energy of the light codes.

Draw this energy down through the pyramid and your spine to anchor it into the diamond heart of our mother earth. Continue to move this light blue energy as you breath in and draw it down, breath out and move it back up through your spine.

If it feels right for you to do so, now, with intention, anchor the light codes into your 3 dimensional form, raising the frequency within our double pyramid and within ourselves.

Feel this new light energy causing your cells, molecules and strands of DNA to vibrate in a new way, filling your whole body with this beautiful blue sparkling light energy.

Now, continue the flow of energy up to the grid and down to the core of the earth, being aware that you begin to feel lighter and are filled with the divine love of our mother / father God. Continue to feel this energy surrounding and filling you with God’s light and love.

Now, be aware of how this is changing the energy in your body. Your energy centres are fully activated. Your pineal gland is fully awakened and you are receiving healing for every cell, molecule and strand of DNA in your body.

Now focus on your heart as the energy continues to move. Anchor this energy of the light codes firmly into your heart centre, filling you now with the divine light of our mother / father God. You are tuned into the energy of Christ Consciousness, the energy of the fifth dimension, the energy of the now activated light codes which are firmly anchored into your heart.

Begin now to be aware of the other people who are around you. Begin to link the energy from your activated heart light to the hearts of the others. Feel what it is like when your hearts link together, supported by the light code energy that now resides there.

Feel your hearts merge into one large field of energy within your pyramid of light. Now send this combined energy up to the crystalline grid and down into the diamond core of the earth. Sit with this energy for a few moments.

Now, begin to send this love and light energy out from your hearts to the world around you, to your family and friends, your neighbourhood, to the area around you, expanding and expanding until the light code energy circles our dear mother earth, touching every soul and being and form of life; the earth, air, water and fire. Every element of the earth is now being touched by the energy of the light codes. Continue to send out this energy to everything that makes up our planet earth.

Now, send this energy out beyond the planet, to join with the light of the universe. And as you do this, you feel your awareness of all that is expanding, and expanding until you feel the divine love of our mother / father God and the vastness of the energy that is Source. You know that you are a part of God, a part of all that is.

Now, focus once again on your breathing, bringing your awareness back into the room, being aware of the people around you, feeling yourself firmly anchored into your body, feeling light and full of divine love.

And when you feel ready, slowly open your eyes and bring your awareness back into the room.

And so it is.


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