Learn the lesson

Q. When will my heart heal? and when will I love again? When will I stand in my spiritual divine power as a healer and teacher where is this priestess path taking me?

Q. Divine Mother, When will all of these years of heartbreak and struggle find their way to my true purpose? Am I supposed to heal and teach others?

I have chosen to answer these two questions together as they relate well to each other and the response to both is similar.

As soon as you claim your spirit back and stand in the power of who you really are, all that you desire will come to you. It sounds as if you have bought into the thought that you are a helpless victim to some circumstances when in fact humans are the authors of their circumstances.

You decide what you want to learn and then set up scenarios to help teach you what you decided you wanted to learn. The lessons are not always easy and in fact may be quite painful, but as a species, you learn best through the most difficult challenges.

So it would help to change your perception and see each experience for what it is, the way to learn something important. And know as soon as you have that “Ah ha” moment and get the lesson, you need never again experience anything similar. If you don’t get the message, they you will just keep setting up lessons for yourself until you are ready to move on. The risk here is that if you don’t get the lesson the first time, the messages tend to get louder and more prominent.

So spend some time with your questions and the situations that have happened to you and ponder what you have learned. Then do what you can to put those lessons into practice in your life because it often takes thought plus action to make change.

You have the potential for being a powerful healer once you fully learn to heal yourself and claim the magnificence of who you really are. You are a being of pure light who is currently clothed in a human suit learning some lessons about how life on this planet really works.

Begin to pay attention to how you speak to yourself, for there will you find the clues of what has you currently stuck. Again, ponder these thoughts and if they do not lead to the outcome you desire, think again. It may take some practice, but you can and will learn how to think positively and manifest these positive thoughts.

Be good to yourself and know that you truly deserve all the good that this planet has to offer.

Mary, your divine mother.


2 Responses to Learn the lesson

  1. Nikki says:

    My divine mother,
    My sincerest graditude for your wisdom.

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