Things are perfect as they are

Q. As far as my spiritual path goes, what else can I be doing? I know I’m making progress, but it feels very slow, and it doesn’t feel like there are any physical, tangible signs sometimes. Many, many thanks and loving thoughts.

A. There is a disparity between what it and what you think should be. This is where the problem lies for you. What is wrong with being exactly who you are and doing exactly what you are doing? When you are in the now, this is perfection, and yet you see it as lacking perfection.

You can never be in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong this. This is just not possible for as you create your own reality, you are exactly where to choose to be in any given moment.

Don’t be misled by fears of how you “should” be and what you “should” be doing, for those pressures come from the ego and were learned standards that you have now adopted as truths. If you don’t like a current truth, then adopt a new one.

Child, if only you could see the perfection that we see from our point of view. You are a beautiful glowing light that shines wherever you go. This is your main job and the main job of all lightworkers on the planet, to walk the earth and shine your light. This can be done by saying a kind word, doing a random act of kindness or anything that may lighten the day of another being.

Continue on your path and know that many are feeling in a standstill due to the changes in energy that have been made on the planet. For many, the future will unfold with unforeseen possibilities and this will be true for you. Give it until about September of this year as you know it and while you wait, take time every day to express gratitude for your life as it is. And, spend some time dreaming about what would be the best possible outcome if (WHEN) you make some changes to what you are doing now.

Know that you are loved and be sure to spend time everyday being loving to yourself.

Mary, your divine mother.


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