New energies, new opportunities

Q. I’ve been feeling pretty lost lately as to where I should be focusing my energy. Is the path of a healer the one I should be going down or should I be moving elsewhere?

A. We ask you to be patient as you are going through a time of intense energy changes as are many on the planet at this time. So many feel stalled and stuck so to speak for movement has slowed down somewhat as the energy shifts.

At this moment, I cannot say which road you will go down for that is your decision and this decision has not yet been made within your soul. It seems that there are at least 3 paths in front of you and none of them feel exactly right for one reason or another.

Know that as the energies continue to shift over the next few months, new opportunities will present themselves for many workers of the light, a 4th path so to speak may be formed which is as yet unknown to you. For these are new times approaching and with this comes new opportunities.

So many choices to make that we on this side of the veil can only see potentials and not so many specific details until it is determined how the dust will settle so to speak. We are in an unusual time with shifting sands.

Just be assured that a revised version of what you think you would like to do will come your way by September at the latest so watch for the signs. Spend time each day to connect to spirit in whatever way feels right for you and let us know that you are open to new opportunities. Guidance will follow at exactly the right time.

You indeed are a worker of the light and wherever you walk, you act as a healer of the light, being kind to your fellow man and walking in a gentle manner on earth. Begin to bask in the light of who you really are, a blessed child of God.

Mary, your divine mother


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