The challenges of parenting

Q. I have found myself the mother of a lost angel that seems to have many dark energies that torment him. I have followed my heart and given all. His sadness drags me down and I just want us to be happy. What more can I do for him? I am exhausted… Will my work help this one to find freedom in this lifetime? I pray that Spirit will help him. I can’t detach from him like I can from others, being his mother. Will things get better soon?

A. The most painful part of being a mother is having to sit back and let the one that we love live their own life. While we may be a parent, we are not in charge of their lives. No one is in charge of another. Each makes their own choices on their own journey through life.

The best that a parent can do is love and accept the choices of another. Love is more than a feeling, it involves action, providing support, voicing the love that you have for them and giving loving advice as the need arises. This is the best that a parent can do. And then, there is the need to let go and let God.

Each person comes here to learn what it is that they need to learn. They have chosen to have you in their lives for a specific purpose and most often that purpose is for mutual learning. Your child has a journey and so does the parent. It’s all about what you have chosen to learn. This may be hard to accept for some people, but we each plan the events that come into our lives for a reason, although that reason may be hidden from view.

Some of the best lessons are learned through painful situations and it sounds like this is the choice you both made at this time. It is so not fun to sit back and watch the one you love in pain, but at times, this is how it needs to be.

The best you can do for yourself is to look at the situation through the eyes of love as God looks at your life through the eyes of love. Just know that you are doing the best that you can in every moment and know the importance of detaching to some degree. You can love and you can watch, but just as God cannot interfere with our choices, so it is for a parent for to interfere causes conflict and slows down the learning process for our loved on.

Just know that this will all turn out perfectly in the end for the one you love is indeed a beloved child of God and in time they will learn to ask God for advice and support for that is what people learn to do when there seems to be nowhere else to turn. The bottom has been hit, the only direction now is up and out of the situation.

Take care of yourself and call on your guides and angels to support you when times get difficult for you. Know that you are loved.


Mary, your divine mother


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