The 4th path

Recently, I keep getting information that many light workers are being offered the choice of a 4th path. Here’s my understanding of what this means.Many people are asking if they are on the right path, doing what God wants them to do,  and so on. I too have asked this question as I left my job with no idea of what I would be doing next. I keep asking and am just told to be patient and wait. This week when I asked Mary what I should be doing I was told that she was not completely certain as there is now the potential for a 4th path, parts of which are not recorded in the Akasha.

New energy is being released tomorrow with the Solstice as long as enough workers of the light hold this intention. With these new energies future possibilities are changing.

It seems that for  decisions about what to do in the future, there are most often 3 paths that can be taken.

#1 is to continue doing what we have been doing – to not jump into the water so to speak.

#2 is to take a “safe” risk, taking things slowly, a bit at a time – just dipping in your toe, then your foot, leg, etc, and waiting for things to work out before taking the next step.

#3 is to dive right in making a rapid change, just trusting things will work out.

It seems that there are probable futures for these 3 choices with this information recorded in the potentials of the Akasha. The outcome depends on the choices we make each step of the way but are predictable.

Now, we are being offered a 4th path due to the changes in the energy of the earth that is unprecedented and not entirely expected. In these new energies are new opportunities for a 4th choice. What I was told is that to take this path, we need to just be open to opportunities as they present themselves for with each decision that every person makes, the outcome will change. The new energies are bringing new choices.

What am I assured of is that if we choose the 4th path, we will  be taking a leap of faith and trusting that God is arranging the outcome of our choices to be beyond what our current limited thinking can even imagine.

I find this both exciting and a bit anxiety provoking. I am feeling propelled into a future where anything can happen. I just know that if I choose this path the outcome will be the best possible outcome beyond what I can even dream at this time.

We are in an exciting time in history. I can’t wait to see where all of this leads us.



2 Responses to The 4th path

  1. Anna says:

    In my sleep last week I kept hearing someone yell “4” or “go on the 4th path” This helps a lot. I am only 19 and don’t have much knowledge of these things, but my mother does. If you have any other information or knowledge please share.

  2. Quia says:

    Hi Sheryl!

    I can totally relate to your post! It feels like we have been in a bit of a “pause” mode as the energies shift and move into place, leaving us wondering just where we will end up at (I included! ;o)). I cannot wait until tomorrow and the collective sigh of fresh “life” it will bring. Here is to enough souls ready to hit the “play” button…and joy beyond our wildest dreams. Sending you lots of love and light!



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