More on the 4th path

Here’s another piece of information about the 4th path.On the 1st path you choose to stay the same, to just keep going along as you have been doing.

On the 2nd path, you are learning that you can choose to do things differently. You look at your life and decide that you want some things to change and you make some changes to improve your life.

On the 3rd path, you have learned that you have the ability to manifest things and bring them into your reality. You can decide what it is that you want, set the intention, act as if you already have it and feel positive that things will manifest the way that you have decided you want.

On the 4th path, you still have the ability to manifest the changes you want and you have learned to ask God to guide you towards the best possible outcome. For example, if you want a new job, you do not sit down and come up with a description of what that job would be, including many details. On this path, you decide that a new job is what you want and you turn the details over to God. I’ve been assured that the results will always be greater and better than you could possibly have imagined for yourself.

For myself, I’m choosing the 4th path regarding employment. I have left a secure, well paid professional job to do something else. I have a few ideas about what that will be and am just learning to trust that God will guide me to the best possible outcome. I am learning to just follow the guidance that comes each day which is not always easy.

I’ve been guided to set up this blog. I was also asked to set up a website to promote theĀ  work I’ll be doing in the future ( I was told that I’d be writing at least 2 books. One bringing messages from Mother Mary and the other about the true teachings of Jesus. I’m also to do an open channeling evening at least once per month. And that’s about it. How I can make a living doing this is still very hazy.

It’s kind of scary doing this – letting go and letting God and I don’t always trust that the outcome will be even better than I could imagine, but I am choosing this path into the unknown. I’m starting to enjoy the adventure.

I’ll keep you posted as I learn what it is that God wants me to be doing and encourage you too to consider the 4th path.



One Response to More on the 4th path

  1. Linda Roberts says:

    Dear Sheryl,
    I am a fellow 4th pather! I am leaving at the end of June, getting rid of my stuff to do a “driveabout”. I have no idea of where or what or how but I am being guided to take this trust journey and to let God be in charge. I am believing that I will find my twin flame, my purpose (I too left a well paying job, though it was 3 years and have been learning to “be” since) work that provides for my needs and a community of fellow 4th pathers!
    It is all possible and I am ready for the magic to begin! Here’s to magic and congratulations for having the courage to follow through on your desires and to write this to encourage the rest of us! In gratitude and love, Linda

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