Light code energy

Greetings to my beloved beings of light. We are pleased to have this opportunity to address you in this way. We applaud the work that you have all been doing to anchor more light and love into this planet.

Because of you and the work that you did on June 21st, a significant energy shift occurred. As many of you also are aware, the energy of the light codes was activated.

The question has been, “What are the light codes?” And we hesitated to give a complete answer until we knew if this experiment to anchor this energy would be completed and ready, and it is.

Many of you reading these words were alive in Lemuria at the time when the energy of the place was beginning to dismantle itself. This was done with purpose and the intent of all living souls at that time for no one really knew how to stop the changes from eliminating all on planet earth. A large group choose to leave at that time and stop the energetic experimentation that was being conducted with human DNA.

There was no malicious intent in using the light to attempt to alter human DNA. The intention was to improve the comfort and life span of those in existence at that time, but things began to go wrong.

DNA was altered, but in a way that began to cause genetic mutations that were not expected. The result of these mutations is that DNA transferred from parent to child has the potential of passing on genetic malformations, meaning that genetic circumstances that were not part of the original divine plan. Humans have the ability to alter future outcomes. You are that powerful as a species.

These genetic malformations were propagated through the beings who left Lemuria before the dismantling was completed. Many went to different parts of the world to live. They went with the knowledge that no one would be able to establish this kind of DNA dysfunction during their future and the so called science was lost.

With the reactivation of the light code energy, there is now the potential for humans to learn to work with this energy to repair any and all genetic malformations. Along with this, the energy can be used to stop the progress of disease.

Now this will not be the case for those beings who choose to continue on their path of ill health, for that is a choice that many of your species make for a variety of reasons. There are planned purposes for many souls, not just those who manifest the illness itself.

But for those who truly decide that they will no longer accept a malformation or diseased state, healing is possible in ways it never was before.

There have always been so called miraculous healings over time, that is true. What is now true, is that these healings no longer need to be miraculous, they will become ordinary as people learn to alter the structure of their own DNA.

The writings of Kryon at this time discuss some of the science of how this will be, so I will focus on the aspect of working with this energy directly.

This new energy of the light codes can be used by individuals to heal themselves and by healing practitioners to facilitate the healing in others. (While this is a release of energy that always has been, it is new to those currently living at this time) We will be releasing more details of the how to’s to the individuals who ask for this knowledge, when they are ready to begin doing this work.

The energy is now available to many across the planet. Some are aware of this and some may not yet be but will in the near future. Those who participated in anchoring and working with the energy of the past Solstice are many who have at some level, chosen to work with this energy.

Just know that this energy is available and set the intention that you would like to work with this energy and this ability will be made available to you. It means doing healing work much as you have in the past with the knowledge that the new energy can not only help a person feel better, but can set the stage for a so called cure which may be immediate or phase in over time.

Every human has access to the light code energy and every being can use this energy to improve their lives in many ways, for healing does not just happen in the physical body, but in the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. And there is the body of the etheric that many are now becoming aware of and are able to access. Light energy can be used to heal at all levels.

For now as you do your healing work with yourself or others, ask that the divine love of our mother / father God come into your being and that you are now open to receive the energy of the light codes which is an aspect of Christ Consciousness. Many see this energy as a light blue diamond filled energy.

Christ had the ability to heal any being of any type of dysfunction. He did this work using the light code energy. This is now available for you to use. This is the gift that humans have been given in this time of enlightenment.

We will ask this channel to continue to bring information to you as the time is appropriate.

Yours in the light,

Arcturius for the Keepers of the Light Codes


4 Responses to Light code energy

  1. Julie says:

    Hi Everyone, Firstly Sheryl, a huge thank you to you for putting this question to Arcturius and thank you to Arcturis for that wonderful response!!! It answered all the questions I had been praying for an answer on and even explained about Crystalline energy!). This is when Spirit totally amaze me! Just when you think they are not listening – they come back and address everything you were thinking and feeling! I am in awe of them. It made such sense. Interestingly, as the week has gone on – I have felt lighter. Infact, my sense of humour seemed to come out even more! 🙂 Today, i feel alot of sensation around the 3rd eye area – like someone is spring cleaning me inside my head! So, I am feeling much much better. I know everything is about timing but I can actually feel there is a change now. I hope the other readers who posted a comment are starting to feel better too. Thank you Sheryl. YOu helped so much. Love & Blessings Julie

  2. Marta says:

    I too worked with the solstice energy at the ocean’s shore and felt like I was waiting for something. It was beautiful and powerful but there was something missing as I tried to connect completely. The next day left me feeling very depressed, lonely and inadequate as a healer; I also experience a disconnect between my self and others. I am grateful for any insight you can give on this. Love, Marta

  3. spiritspeaksblog says:

    When we did a meditation to access the light codes, we connected with the crystalline grid which is where I pictured the energy coming from. I’m not sure, but expect that the light codes are a part of the crystalline energy.

  4. Julie says:

    Thank you for this message. It was really good to receive it. I have been so restless and so tired this weekend and was waiting for something but I didnt know what. I worked with the solstice energy but something felt missing and I couldnt explain it. Like I was waiting for a message or change of some sort but again, didnt know what. I do have a question – can you tell me please if the light codes are the same as the crystalline energy which I have been reading so much about. Crystalline energy is also connected to Christ and so I am thinking it is the same thing – just a different name? Thank you so much. Love and blessings Julie

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