No right or wrong decisions

Q. What does spirit want me to know? I feel like making forward movement but feel the “where” is missing. What steps must I take next?

Q. Mother am I walking in the path of light and as the divine child of god and being who god whats me to be?

Your next step is to learn to trust that you are taking the right steps forward. There are some articles about the 4th path (on this blog) that will be helpful for you to read. Now is the time for co-creation with God and learning to tune into you own inner divine guidance each day.

Here is a prayer that may help you on your journey:

“Dear God, I ask and co-create a clear vision of what my path should be each day. Please show me clear road signs and help me have faith”

It is not quite time for the “what” &“where” as the energy shifts are occurring, the potentials for the ideal future for yourself are changing. It would be best if you become the best that you can be in your life, right where you are and just pass the time until you get that divine spark of inspiration as to the “what” &“where”. It will come.

You still have a tendency for doubt, not sure that what you are doing is right. Know that whatever you do in every moment is perfect for you at the time. How could it not be?

And, if you don’t like what is happening, know that you have the power to change it, something only you can do for yourself. We can send guidance, but it is up to you whether or not to follow it. This is where the doubt comes in, and faith.

Begin to be aware when you doubt yourself and know that in the eyes of God, there are no right or wrong decisions. They are just decisions.

And, you have the ability to say to God, “I want ……… to change and I am open to receiving guidance” Then just wait for the road signs. They will come. Then trust what you “know” to be right for you and follow that inner guidance.

Blessings on your journey home,

Mary, your divine mother


One Response to No right or wrong decisions

  1. Quia says:

    Thank you Mother Mary and Sheryl!

    Namaste. :o)

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