Physical challenges

Q.  My question relates to the physical pain I am having in my upper back/neck and shoulder and right arm, is this from the process taking us higher vibrationally or does it’s origin lie in a past creation of this mind? Also related is the fatigue my beloved wife is feeling part of the changes or something personal to her physical health?

A. The answer is both. The energies are changing and people are having some unusual physical experiences related to this energy change. Most of these symptoms will change over time.

The energy change is affecting people the most in their most vulnerable places, where there is a tendency for there to already be problems. This is also the case for you both.

So perhaps the question really is what should we do? First and foremost, do whatever you need to do to feel more assured that things will be alright. You have done this through posing a question. And for most in your culture, a trip to your physician is in order. They have tools and abilities available to them that will help to ease some of the discomfort. It is not “unspiritual” to seek the help of a doctor. Who do you think helped to set this system of help up for you. This too is a part of God.

With many problems in the physical body, there are underlying issues attached to them. For example, if the lower back is hurting, it may be that the person feels unsupported and in order for healing to fully occur, they need to deal with this issue and find ways to support themselves. This is but one example.

There are guides written to the ailments and the emotional/ situational attachment which can be referred to, but these are not as accurate as just asking your body, “What message are you trying to send me through this discomfort?”

Once you get the message and do something to resolve whatever is attached to the problem, things will shift much sooner. For your bodies are good indicators of what is going on in you emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

I wish you well as you explore whatever this situation has come to teach you and reassure you that they can be resolved. Just follow your inner guidance, do whatever you need to do and have faith.


Mary, your divine mother


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