Seeing angels

Q. Recently I can visually see orbs of all colors and what looks to be angels floating in the air around me. Is it angels and orbs I am seeing or is it something else?

So many are having this type of experience lately as the veil between  your 3D reality and the world of Spirit thins. Indeed you are perceiving the guides and angels that surround you as they surround everyone.

Just ask that your vision be cleared and enhanced and trust the truth of what you are seeing. Those beings long to make contact with you and have chosen your ability to see to make this happen.

Watch for the celebration as your contact gets stronger.


Mary, your divine mother


One Response to Seeing angels

  1. Jayday says:

    Hi there,

    I remember hearing a channel from Pepper Lewis that soon we will be seeing orbs and light. She said this is due to the energetic pathways between the two hemispheres of the brain that are being reconnected. It appears you are seeing beyond the veil which we will soon all be doing. Congratulations!! How incredible! I have been seeing a purple light show up and now I am able to communicate energetically with it. Not sure what that is either. Pepper said “just wait, for once you see orbs there is so much more!” How exciting!

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