Getting new information

As a person who remains at times a skeptic and still holds an element of doubt when it comes to my ability to channel, I have been questioning the validity of the information that I have been given about the light codes.

I’ve been searching the internet as I always do, looking for confirmation that other channels are receiving similar information. I haven’t found any yet. This led me to reading channeled messages from many sources and have come to realize that information is being given to people through different beings in spirit, angels, teachers and God and the messages are not identical. That is the way it is. So what’s up with that?

My guides have a lot of patience with what they sometimes see as “silly” thinking and they helped me to understand this better.

Human have always had different ways of describing and understanding the same thing. We live in different cultures, we speak different languages we have different ways of understanding everything that we experience. Each person is unique and God has come up with a system of helping all of his / her children connect to Source by making available a large variety of information sources and concepts that match the level of understanding and comfort of all of earth’s children. All of these are needed and it is all part of the one same universal Source of all that is.

Wow! There is no one way to understand the many aspects of God. There is no a singleĀ  messanger as some religions would have us believe. There are unlimited expressions of God and a vast number of paths to understanding and connecting. The information that each channel is given is just one of the paths on our journey home to God.

This understanding is reassuring that every message and every messanger has a time, a place and a purpose. We may agree with the message or may disagree. That is up to the individual. We are on our own unique path.

If the information on this blog resonates with you, then perhaps you have found some of your preferred messengers here such as Mother Mary, Jesus and Arcturius, and I guess myself to some degree. If it doesn’t fit, just keep looking as we are in an age where we have so many sources of information to draw on to find our way home.

Enjoy the journey.



2 Responses to Getting new information

  1. Marta says:

    I agree with Linda, and am also grateful for your gift. Thank you! Love, Marta

  2. Linda Roberts says:

    Dear Sheryl,
    Yes, you are giving the messages that you receive and each of us must confirm it within our own being to see what resonates and what does not. I am grateful to you and all the wonderful channelers on the internet these days. Always it seems we come back to that lesson of trusting ourselves and not comparing ourselves to others. You are providing a wonderful service and I thank you and your messengers!
    In gratitude and love,

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