Solstice meditation blues

A number of people have commented that  they felt that something was missing when they did a Solstice meditation. Some have also been feeling down and empty since that time. I posed the question, and got this response …

I am Arcturius and can offer some insights as to what may have occurred for you doing the meditation of the Solstice to connect with the light code energies.

Some of you felt let down because of an expectation that there would be a dramatic shift in your energy system and there was not. This is not to say that you did not connect to the energy of the light codes for you did indeed. What did not happen for most is that the energy was anchored but not yet fully activated. This will occur at the right time for each person.

In order for light to fully fill your body, there needs to be a shift of energy to allow this to happen. For some, this had been accomplished before this energy was available and for some, this process is not quite completed. There is no right time for  this to happen, for this is a unique process for each individual according to your divine blueprint and plan.

The energy shifts are occurring in all who anchored the energy of the light codes. (which many call Crystalline energy or Christ consciousness) What did not yet happen is full activation. This will occur in the coming time as you know it. The changes will mostly be slow and subtle as not to disrupt your lives in any significant way.

Many during the meditation had a glimpse of “home”. You connected to the light source, the all that is, what you may call God, and you were unable to stay in this energy and needed to return to earth so to speak. This disconnect left some feeling empty and alone because for a few moments you were connected to the expansiveness of who you really are, divine parts of God, the all that is.

This occurred, but did not continue as most are not quite ready to have one foot firmly anchored on earth and one foot firmly anchored consciously to “home”. This will come, for this is but a definition of ascension. Having the ability to be in both places fully at the same time as you know it.

For some of you, the transformation process is just beginning and you may have experienced a change of guides so to speak, for those who will begin working with the light code energy will have beings of light support you in this work. For some, this meant having a guide move out of the way to allow this to happen. This can cause the feelings of great loss as the transition is made. This feeling is but temporary until you fully attune to the energy of these beings and begin to conciously work with them.

If you are one of the keys to unlocking the light codes, you will go through a period of waiting as you assimilate to the transition in light frequency. There are both active keys and passive keys. The difference is this. The active keys are contracted carriers of the light code energy who will have this energy fully anchored into their energy systems and will have this energy with them at all times.

Those who are passive keys are the ones who work with people in some sort of healing capacity and can call in this energy to do their healing work. Most often this will be transferred through healing arts where touch is involved, but it can also be used with intention and not touch. They have access to the energy at will but do need to ask for this to be activated each time it is needed.

And the other group is all of those who will be touched by the energy for you cannot now be on planet earth and not be affected by this light code energy for the energy of the crystalline grid, Christ consciousness is anchored now firmly in your planet’s energy system.

So, do not be alarmed or concerned if you did not “feel” what you expected. Just know that the energy is anchored and is in the process of being activated. Soon, you will begin to fully feel this in your energy bodies.

You are all doing wondrous work for the light and we honor the difficult journeys that you have chosen to take to help all on your planet.

Arcturius, for the Keepers of the Light Codes


One Response to Solstice meditation blues

  1. Marta says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Hearing your words makes sense of it all and feels comforting. Blessings & Love Marta

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