Learning about love

Q. I am a little stuck at moment,I need confirmation about this person I met a year and half ago.I felt even before we met the he is part of my twin ray here on earth. When we reconnected it was amazing but we are not together anymore his choice of panic and manipulation by his ex;but nonetheless he tries to keep in touch; it feels for both that it’s meant to be, we avoid seeing each other as the energies can get really intense. He is also constantly in my dreams, why?

A. Being in relationship is one of the greatest challenges that humans have to deal with. And, the closer to your heart the person comes, the greater the risk of feeling pain. The greater the love – the greater the potential for pain. This does not seem to make sense from your perspective, but from here, it makes perfect sense.

What I expect you are doing right now is trying to avoid the pain of letting go and feeling loss. So you hang onto the hope that things will work out and you will feel all the love you desire and not the pain that you are at risk of feeling. You humans are masters at doing everything you can to avoid pain.

That pain when you perceive that you have lost love has come from the pain that you have felt since you left “home” to go to planet earth to learn about love. The reason you are here is to learn about love and what greater way to learn than through relationship with others.

You will all meet people on your journey that you feel a great love for. You spend time together and learn and share love. Always there is a time that you must part either through separation or through death as you know it when you transition from physical form. Every relationship on earth ends at some point. And you have learned to associate endings with great pain. And, indeed this is the case.

The reason for the great pain is that you perceive that you also lose the love that you had for each other. But this is not the case. The greater the pain that you feel, the greater the love that has been in the relationship. These are your greatest teachers about what love really is.

But they are not your only teachers. People come and go throughout human lives as you learn what you need to learn from each person and then move on. These learnings can be painful, but they are part of your growth process.

Know that in coming times, you will more easily learn to leave a person and maintain the love that you feel for them for you do not need to stop feeling love when the person is no longer in your life. Hang onto what you have learned about love from these special people, for these lessons are so important as you continue on your journey.

The easiest way to find yourself in a fully loving relationship with another is to get into a fully loving relationship with yourself. We know you have heard this before, but there is truth in this statement. When you yourself are full of love for yourself, you attract others who are full of love for themselves and they do not need to rely on others to feel loved. Think about this.

Remember that people come and go as you need them in your life to help you learn and grow. This is part of the human condition. If you truly want love, learn to love yourself and learn that you are loved by your guides, angels, teachers and God. Once you have found this kind of lasting love, you will find total fulfillment in every relationship and will no longer feel that you have a need for love from other humans.

Blessings on your journey,

Mary, your divine mother


One Response to Learning about love

  1. blue ray says:

    Divine Mother, thank you, what about timing as lately I have felt so much Love for myself and my perception about me and being here completed the puzzle.I feels finally I have reached the finish line in my awakening process. Your answer is so perfect because I now understand why in the last months in my dreams he has the same look and facial expression of my twin ray and teacher that is back home (that I only trust, he is my only Love) and miss very much, as he stand there waiting for me to let him in the house but really is a metaphor for me to let him in my life, heart with unconditional love. One of the things I tried to teach him and now I felt and learned myself.After breaking up I realize that it was harder for him, even when if he shy about his feelings or he was sly about it, but he started to get in touch with me again when like you said I started loving myself again and the pain was gone and not feeling the need for another person to fulfill me, and lately I gave in space by mean of silence on my part even if it is hard to see but I guess that what the twin flame love is all about when you finally can Love yourself and feels the Divine Love around you then is when you are ready to embrace fully each other as the integration is done,the lesson are learned, the free will is respected on both side, and that’s one the things he loved and always said he missed about me. A bit of the old cliche when you let them go,they come back, and that’s is really the Love for each other that manifest! Wow I feel very blessed to be at this time of my life, being awake and aware of the Divine presence, remembering myself,my essence, home and my twin there, but also to experience part of his love here and amidst everything surrendering to Love. Thank You I hope you get to read this, and I wish this can help others too.

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