Be the light that you are

I have asked to speak to you today because so many of the light are going into fear when they hear about all of the potential changes that may come in the near time as you know it. Be assured that we can see all of the future potentials and all of them have you sitting in the light of God, celebrating the grand journey that you have been on.

There are stories and theories and beliefs circulating that create fear in individuals. Know that if you read or hear something and it causes a feeling of fear, it is not a message from God, your guides, angels or teachers. Yes we may at times say things that cause an emotional reaction, but if it a deep fear that you feel, consider the source.

The time has changed and the light has changed on your planet and nothing will ever be the same again. You have all done an excellent job of being the light that you are and bringing in the energy of light from the Crystalline Grid. You have managed to anchor the light code energy and awaken many energy portals on the planet. A job well done.

For many of you, it is not a time of intense work, for you have been doing that for a long time. We celebrate those of you who have had the courage to explore the shadow side of you and bring that darkness into light. This is your greatest task, to own your shadow and expose it to the light.

This is what you do every time you acknowledge that you have said or done something that you feel uncomfortable about and take action such as saying an apology or making something right that you feel you have wronged. This is demonstrating and putting into action the highest aspect of who you are, a child of the light.

Know that as you expose your shadow to the light, you change the cells, molecules and stands of DNA in your body, for the light spreads wherever a void is created. And you create a void whenever you take action to acknowledge your shadow side, that part of you that can, at time, be unkind to others or yourself.

As it is important to make amends to others to raise your light, it is important to make amends with yourself. For it has been said that you are your own worst enemy and there is truth in this statement.

If you have not yet done so, it is time to embrace your shadow side and rather than despise that part of you, learn to love that part of you into the light for that is where you are meant to be.

Do something really nice for yourself today to celebrate the changes in the energy that have happened since the Solstice. We can see what most of you cannot, a shift in world consciousness, a movement away from the shadow self on planet earth and a movement into the light, as it is meant to be.

Walk in peace and know that you are not alone. There is a host of angels, a realm of teachers, a multitude of guides and an unlimited source of divine energy just waiting to be asked for help and support. And as you ask, so it is given.

So do not walk in fear, walk in the knowing that everything is as it should be and the light and love on this planet is strong and thriving. Be at peace and know that you are loved beyond measure.

Your loving brother, Jesus


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