What is happening again?

Q.  I went through a time of feeling so tired and down and then it started to lift after we did a solstice meditation last weekend. I had a few really good days, but the last 2 have been the worst yet. I feel so sad, alone, exhausted and don’t feel motivated to do anything. And yet, at the same time I’m feeling so restless, like I am just waiting for something to happen, but don’t know what. What is happening this time?

A.  You are going through a time of intense, intense change with many things happening at once. The light codes have been anchored and are now being downloaded to those individuals who are keys to unlocking this light energy. The keys, both active and passive are feeling the shift the most.

The so called symptoms may be different for each individual but there will be some similarities, especially the fatigue, for as we activate the new energy, again we need to shut down certain circuits for periods of time.

This is like when repairs are being made on your electrical systems. The energy gets shut off temporarily while the new lines are being put into place and hooked into the sytem as a whole. It is a temporary process and the lights will soon be back on.

It is not coincidence that you feel this on what you call a weekend for these are days when you are able to rest and do not feel the pressures of doing work as you call it. It is easier to get you to slow down at these times to make this adjustment.

The codes are being activated and soon, very soon, you will be able to feel the healing benefits of this life giving energy. Learning to consciously work with this energy will begin to happen within a few of what you know as days. You will soon feel your energy return in a way you have not felt for a long while. it will begin to feel quite wonderous.

But know that there will be ongoing adjustments to your energy made over the following few months into at least what you know as October for this process needs to be made somewhat slowly in most of you. For others, this will happen more quickly as your system is not so sensitive to disruptions.

So, do not be distressed by the feelings you are having. Celebrate the changes that are occuring as you transition to beings who hold the light of Christ Consciousness within your human body. Worth the transition we think.

Please continue to ask if you need more information. We are here to assist with this transition.

Arcturius, for the Keepers of the Light Codes


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