Learn to walk in faith

Q.  I had the most amazing experience on the weekend of the solstice: I transformed a situation that I never (in my logical mind) expected to be transformed. I truly realised my mastery and my creatorship, but several days later I am feeling despondent about my direction (and a little “down” in general). I had a dream that I was facilitating some sort of spiritual healing, but I have never done anything like this before. What are the skills I should be developing now?

A. The main skill to devlop at this time is to learn to walk with faith into the unknown that you call you future. At some level, you have planned out paths that you could take into the future that include learning all the skills you need to fulfill what you have chosen to do.  But what you actually do is up to you in each and every moment, with each and every decision that you make.

At some level you know. You have the ability to tune into your own divine guidance and the guides angels and teachers who walk with you. What is missing is faith. Believing that you can recieve you own divine guidance. Faith that it is safe to walk to a future of the unknown and faith that you are enough and can do and be what you want to do and be.

Begin today to take tiny steps towards walking in faith. Listen to you divine inner guidance and follow the guidance that is given using faith. You don’t know what might happen and at times this fear gets in the way for it is a fear. Practice faith. Knowing that something is right for you and then doing it. Then watch for the outcome. You have recently had evidence of this in your life.

And pay attention to the times that you ignore this inner guidance. What is the outcome of these situations. Over time, you will find that by following you intuation and the guides, angels and teachers who give you support, you will get outcomes that are more to your liking than when you ignore this guidance and do what you want to do. The more you realize successful outcomes, the easier it becomes to walk in faith.

Many are being called to walk on the 4th path. Setting an intention for what you would like and then getting out of the way and letting God guide you to the best possible outcome for both you and the world around you. This is easy to do, once you have faith.

This will become easy with practice, but like any guidance, you have the choice to ignore the suggestion that you practice faith. Just know that you are surrounded by beings who love you and have your best interest at heart. All you need to do is ask for whatever it is that you desire, information, support, guidance, training, whatever, and we will be here to guide you towards what you desire. The key is faith.

Walk with love, knowing that you are a divine child of God. We love you all ways, always.


Mary, your divine mother


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