Communicating with angels and beings of light

Q.  So many lightworkers are having such beautiful experiences with the higher realms. Seeing and talking to their guides and angels! Visions and miracles. I am so grateful to be a part of the movement into the light on Earth. I look around me and wonder when I will join in such wonders. What will my role be. Will I ever break through this thick veil?

A.  Each of you came into this physical incarnation with the ability to see, hear, feel and know your guides, angels, teachers and beings of light. You all have this ability. It is just for many that it was shut down for one reason or another.

You were birthed into a culture with many ideas, expectations and norms and most children are taught and guided and even forced to live within these cultural norms. And most often, seeing and speaking to beings of light is not part of the cultural norm, so these abilities get shut down.

Your task child is to understand why this got shut down in you and what the fear is that keeps you from reclaiming these gifts. A part of it for you is a great need to fit in, to be accepted, to be like others in order to be loved. Part of this is a soul essence that you came in with which was reinforced by those around you in childhood. Once you know and accept that you are loved and accepted regardless of what you do or believe, it will be easier for the lines of communication, especially with your angels, to open more easily.

Be sure to ask for help and support by these beings in spirit who are here to help you with this task. Be clear with them that you are open to connecting with them and then begin to look for the signs that they are listening. You can ask for a specific sign to be sent to you, such as being given feathers or a rose, or the answer to a question. Then watch and listen to everything around you for your proof or answer may not come in the form you are expecting. Sometimes we like to play with you a little as indeed we have a wonderful sense of humor.

By about September of this year, once the lines of communication have opened even a little with practice and asking for support, you will be given information about your light work. At some level this is already known to you and preparations are being put in place for you to move into this.

Just know that there are so many variables and so many decisions along the way that may speed up or slow down your journey into knowing what your soul longs to do. The light energies are being anchored and things are not yet settled, so certainties about the future are difficult to secure.

Just know that you are indeed loved. You are in the right place at the right time, always. With everything you do, ask the now famous question from our beloved brother, “What would love do now?” and follow that path, doing what your heart guides you to do each step of the way.

Blessing child of light.

Mary, your divine mother


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