It’s okay to ask for help

Q.  I have been working so hard on my journey along the spiritual path. I am trying so hard to prepare myself, to listen, and to be patient along my journey of self discovery and of discovering what my mission is in this lifetime. Sometimes I think it is wrong for me to ask others to help guide me along the journey .. I feel it is a short cut and it is in the journey that we truly develop. That being said, Mother Mary… I truly would appreciate some guidance as to what my mission is and what I can do . I am growing weary.

A. First of all, it is not only okay to ask for help from others, it is essential. Humans are not meant to walk alone on their journeys with very few exceptions. Part of learning to love is learning to both give and recieve from others. It is not a weakness to ask for help when needed but a strength. And by being open to recieve, you are allowing others who love and care about you to give. To deny this gift is to offend those who care about you.

Being open to receive help is a way to lift the burden and heaviness that you are feeling as you walk alone. This need not be so.

We in spirit are here to help. That is why we support each being who walks on the planet. We wish to communicate with you and share our help and our love. We celbrate the opportunities to be able to provide love and support.

As to what you are to  be doing, you will not like this answer for it is the one I give often to this being who acts as my means of communciation. Be patient. Now is not the time to focus on the future. Now is the time to focus on the now, to begin to learn to be in the now. To let go of the past and trust that the future will unfold as it is meant to based on the many decisions that you make each and every day.

For many beings of the light including you, the future is not yet set. Much depends on how open you are to recieving the energy of love that is being downloaded to the planet. The best you can do for now is to learn to be the best you that you can be and that means being good to yourself in a way that you have not allowed before now.

I sense that there is a level of not believe that you are good enough, perhaps a leftover from childhood when some things happened that left you believing you deserved only bad, and not good. That is your work for now. To learn to love yourself at every level of your being and to learn to be open to love from others at every level of your being.

Once you truly love yourself, you will open your mind to the endless possibilities of what the real you is capable of doing. It seems like for now this vision is limited and it need not be. Open your mind to a wide range of possibilities and think about the things that you value in life, value in the work that you do, and value in the world around you.

When that work is complete, you will know with certaintly what your work as a being of light is. It is just not quite time for this information to come to you directly. Part of the journey is learning patience and trust, knowing that when you follow a path of faith, you walk into a future that is beyond what you now can imagine.

I am delighted that you took the risk and posed a question, reaching out for help. I always walk beside you and am here to help in any way. Just ask, and many beings of light both in physical form and in the etheric will joyfully help, love and support your journey.


Mary, your divine mother.


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