Light Code Update

Q. What can you tell us about the upcoming month of July?

A.  The first thing we want you to know is that things, energetically, are starting to lighten up. Many of you have gone through a similar scenario such as this being I speak through.

During the solstice meditations, an opening to anchor in the energy of the light codes was made. The energy came in and has started to affect everyone on the planet in different ways. For many of the light workers and especially those who are keys to unlocking the light codes it was like you were given a shot of light energy which attached to your bodies, but is just now slowly beginning to be activated.

The rate of activation is very individualized based on many, many factors. When this level of light comes in, something has to get out of the way to make room for it to occupy space in your cells, molecules and strands of DNA for although you look solid, you are really made up of tiny particles of energy that are in constant motion. The nature of your biological makeup is in many ways similar to the makeup of the light energy that is being anchored in.

During the last days of June, many of you went through a rewiring and sort of housecleaning process which felt pretty awful for many of you we have been told. Sorry, but there is really no other way of making an energy shift, than by making an energy shift. It just had to happen.

Many of you during that time were challenged by beings who are not so interested in having you hold and activate this light, this includes parts of yourself that are invested in things staying the same. You may have faced some challenges and old patterns to keep you from evolving into the light being that you really are. This kind of energy dampening caused a wide array of physical, emotional and energetic feelings that also were not comfortable.

Know that this process is almost completed. The light is anchored in and is being activated regardless of any being or part of you that would prefer that this not happen. It has happened and your biology is being changed. Just take care of yourselves through this process. Practice excellent health and personal care as well as having some fun and treats along the way for taking care of yourself includes being positive and good to yourself.

We are expecting that be about July 7th, the majority of the housecleaning will be completed and you will begin to more easily activate the new light code energy. Over the month as you know it, most of you will begin to feel somewhat better and lighter and by the next solstice, we expect that the activation will be completed.

So hang in there as you say and know that all the beings of the light will benefit from the new energies that are coming in. Try to keep your channels open to receive this energy and learn to let go of any fears as they arise by asking your guides and angels for help. We are here to help and support you in this time of transition.

Know that we honour and value the important work that you are doing for the planet. We can see the transformation and it is magnificent. We love you and wish you well as you continue to journey towards “home”

Arcturius, for the Keepers of the Light Codes


One Response to Light Code Update

  1. Tassilyn says:

    At last! Someone with real extsipree gives us the answer. Thanks!

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