Still riding the roller coaster

I had an illusion that taking a few weeks off would leave me completely rested and settled, but it seems this has not happened. I’m still in the throws of the unsettled energy and internal adjustments that so many lightworkers are feeling at this time. If anything, it all feels more intense now that I’m home. I feel both great and awful at the same time, still on the emotional roller coaster.

It was a magical journey  and we did do many of the typical tourist things that were fun. It also became an opportunity to do some work, both within myself and with the energy of the earth.

On our journey through the mountains on the west coast of Canada, I found that I was often asked to do energy work with the land and to be open to the surges of energy that I was feeling. I often found myself in tears which is not usual for me. It was like I was able to feel the pain that the earth was feeling and the discord of the first nations people.

Clear cut forest had me tearing up with the pain of destruction that man has done in order to feel more comfortable by using the wood that was harvested. I felt angered by the changes that the coming of Europeans had. This affected both the people who lived in harmony with nature and the land that they shared with nature. So many thoughts and emotions that were so unexpected.

This got a bit complicated for me by the information that I gained from my brother about our roots. We have a great, great… grandfather who was one of the first white men to explore and map the mountains of Alberta & BC. This opened the door for future settlement which led to so many changes.

And I learned more about his wife who was a native woman from northern Manitoba. This is part of my heritage that was never discussed in our childhood due to discrimination. This great, great… grandmother was part of the first generation of native people who were affected by the coming of white man.

At times, it felt like I was feeling the collective pain of the transition that occurred in North America when the newcomers took over and did what they wanted to do to get comfortable without being concerned about the impact of what they were doing.

This was at times, a very overwhelming experience and has given me a new sensitivity about the damage that we have been doing to the planet. It’s left me knowing that change needs to happen so that we can return to a harmonious relationship with the planet.

This is NOT what I thought would happen while on vacation, but it is what it is.  I have learned a lot and gained a new understanding that I know will help me with the next phase of work I am to do.

When I asked those that speak to me when I’ll be able to get off the emotional & physical roller coaster, they tell me it will be a while and will depend on how quickly I am willing to make changes both internally and in my external world.

So if you’re still feeling the effects of the energy shift, hold on. It seems we’re still in for a bit of a rocky ride.

Blessings, sheryl


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