I’ve gotten behind

I am slowly working my way through the many questions that have come in over the last couple of weeks.Sorry for the delay. I am finding that I need a lot of sleep right now. 12 hours sleep last night and I still feel like I need a nap. The ones who speak to me tell me it has to do with some energy changes including the download of energy during the solstice today.

I will post your questions and responses as soon as I can so please be patient.

Thanks, sheryl


4 Responses to I’ve gotten behind

  1. Edna Santara Lid says:

    Dear Sister Sheryl. There is only ONE person in this world that You can Change: YourSelf. You are the most important Person in Your Life! Be YourSelf! LoveLight. Sister Edna.

  2. spiritspeaksblog says:

    Thanks for your support. – sheryl

  3. steve says:

    Peace sheryl, you are not behind, all in it’s moment and not before. Many are feeling the energy changes and in as many different ways. Rest, absorb and feel at one wih the energies. Love has only patience and Love is all there is.

    In Gratitutde, Love and Light

  4. sandy says:

    Dear Sheryl, you are doing so much work right now, we all really appreciate this blog so much. Thank you, thank you! So rest and catch up on your own life. I know what you mean, this eclipse was wonderful. But I could not sleep at all last night. It affected me just the opposite. I could feel the energies coming in from all directions. I have read that these are the Feminine Energies, I am so glad that they are returning and bringing balance at last. wheeeeeeeee Sometimes I feel that I could float away on them, if only! Soon! lOve and joy, Sandy

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