Q.  What can we expect to happen on 9-9-9? Anything you can tell us will be so appreciated! Thank you for your assistance.

A.  Sometimes it seems that so much significance is given to the number that the purpose of the event seems to get lost. It is not the number – the date that is so important, but the fact that likeminded people plan to gather for a reason.

The events of that day will be what the people involved make them to be, so in that sense, we cannot say exactly what will happen. We know gatherings are being planned, but what exactly will happen depends on the actions of all of the people involved. And this is subject to change.

From our perspective, any gathering in the next year or two holds the potential of being an opportunity to anchor in more light energy and to activate that which is anchored. We welcome the opportunities such as what is called 9,9,9 to connect to the workers of light.

At many of these gatherings, permission is given to us in other realms to work with those on earth and the energy of the earth itself and its grids of light and energy. This is one of the reasons so called significant dates like these are welcomed.

As it is our work to support the anchoring and activation of the light codes we encourage any of you to either singly or in a group to gather at anytime to call in and work with this energy. It seems that at certain time this is easier to do as the veils and energies of the earth support this being made easier. 9,9,9 is not one of the solar, lunar, energetic events from the perspective of the work that we are doing, but it is a great opportunity to do this work.

Thank you for being open to assist us to work with your beloved planet. Without your work and support, change would be minimal. With your support, it has been exponential.

Arcturius for the Keepers of the Light Codes


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