Recent Energy Changes

This has been an intense download of energy as many of you have been aware. It may have affected your physical system in unexpected ways. You may think that extra energy will make you feel energized and for some people this has been the case. But for many more, fatigue has been the main feeling of the day. A fatigue unlike any you have felt for a while.

The fatigue is your body’s reaction to energy adjustments so do not get concerned that this is the symptom of illness or the result of overdoing things. It is a fatigue of displacement and again certain body systems have been shut down or tuned down in order for us to work energetically with other body energy systems.

Your DNA is being altered and is indeed becoming crystalline in structure. You are becoming your own generators of energy, with the ability to amplify exponentially the energy that comes to you from Spirit. This is not a new ability for humans, but one that is being reawakened to assist with raising the energy of light on the planet.

Many of you may have also been aware of a higher level of sensitivity even those of you who do not typically have this sense. Little things may have felt like big problems, and things that do not usually bother you may have seemed like big problems and your emotions soared. This too is part of the energy adjustments to your system of emotional energy. This is being retuned so to speak to make you more sensitive to what is going on about you.

For those who are already sensitive to an extreme, this time may have felt quite painful for about the past 3 weeks and unfortunately, I am here to tell you that this will not ease up for many months to come. So it is essential that you find ways to cope with this heightened sensitivity. You all have tools for doing this effectively. It is time to get those tools out and begin to use them.

As the light on the planet is being intensified, all that is not light is being stirred up. That is the energy that you are feeling. For example, many of you who are sensitive to the emotional state of our planet may feel great pain at the damage that has been done to the planet, such as through misusing many of the earth’s precious resources. You are feeling the pain of the planet in many different ways.

Know that you are not alone at this time. As the light increases, so does the amount of resources that are available to you for help and support. If only you could begin to even imagine the host of beings that are available for help. All you need do is ask, and help will come. For so many beings are invested in a positive outcome of the energy shift on the planet.

And the news is good so far. It has been hard on many of you, but you are doing a wondrous job of anchoring in the light and love of our mother father God. What you have done is beyond our expectations. So hold your heads high and know that we celebrate what you have been doing to heal the planet and the people and living beings upon it.

Arcturius for the Keepers of the Light Codes


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