Thanks to your ongoing support of this blog, so many questions are coming in that I am no longer able to keep up and post personal responses to individual questions. The blog will continue, but in a slightly different format.

I will be answering the questions that  have recently been posted, but in a more general way rather than through personal answers. My apologies, but it’s time to make this change.

I’ve been asked by the beings who speak through me to take on a few other projects which means spending less time working on the blog. I’m acting as scribe for both Mother Mary and Jesus, putting their wisdom in the form of books. These are exciting projects that I need to find the time to work on.

I still welcome your questions, for this is a way for you to put your question out to Spirit to set your intention to receive an answer. So you are welcomed to continue to send questions to be posted.

And, I will continue to use the questions that you ask as a guide for the kind of information that you would like to know more about. I expect that you will still find an answer to your question in the channeled information that I will continue to post.

Part of the reason for making this change from a spiritual perspective is that our guides, angels and beings of light want all of us to learn to make a personal connection to them without having to do this through a messenger, like I am. This blog is intended to become a place to receive confirmation for what you already know.

One of the projects I’m working on is a web page where you will find information that will help you develop a stronger connection to receive your own inner guidance. This is still under construction and I’ll let you know when it is ready.

And a reminder….

As with all of the information that is posted on this blog, use your inner wisdom and discretion and keep what feels right, and let go of the rest.

In loving service,  sheryl


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