Co-creating with spirit

After a week or so of turmoil, both physical and emotional, it feels like things are calming down. The last influx of energy sure seemed to stir things up. This has been the case for many lightworkers who I have been in contact with lately.

I’m being told that this week is a good time to set intentions for what you would like experience in the near future as we know it. We do have the ability to manifest what we desire in co-creation with God.

I’m finding that on this 4th path of trusting divine guidance, that all I need to do is set an intention or state a desire, and then wait patiently to see what unfolds. I’ve been experimenting with small things as a way of buiding trust that divine guidance will guide me to what I’d like to see in my life.

I don’t yet always have faith in the bigger things working out as I know that faith, for me, is something that will come in time as I learn to trust in the small things. I’ve been been experimenting with this concept with Spirit and it has become a fun sort of game.

For example, for some time I have been thinking about buying a cross to wear that to me represents my newly formed relationship with Jesus who speaks to me as Mother Mary does. But, I did not want the traditional christian cross because I don’t feel like we have a traditional relationship.

So I asked to be guided to find a cross. And then I just waited to see what happened. About a month or so passed, and nothing came to me. Part of this experimentation is about learning to wait with patience which I am learning along with trust.

Then, while on vacation, I was told that I would find the perfect cross while I traveled. So I started to look at crosses every where we went and when I’d find one at a store, I’d listen for my inner guidance. I kept getting messages to be patient and that I would find the perfect one. Then came a message about where I would find it, in a small town on the west coast of Vancouver Island. So, again I waited.

We arrived in the town of Tofino and began to wander the town and the shops, all the time looking for the perfect cross, but I did not find anything. I felt discouraged and let down and questioned the divine guidance which came to me. And then, as we were headed for the car, we spotted a small shop in an out of the way location and there is was, the perfect cross.

It is made from sparkly stones of many colours and has 4 extra stones where the two arms of the cross meet which makes it looks somewhat like a celtic cross. It was perfect and I felt tears come to my eyes. It had taken about 2 months, but I had been guided to the absolute perfect cross, something even more beautiful to me that I had even imagined.

This was a simple lesson in trust and has helped me to have evidence that God, he angels, guides and beings of light do walk with me. I have proof that I am able to set an intention and then be guided to an outcome that is even better than I had imagined.

This is just one example of how I am working with God to learn how to trust, both in the process of co-creation, and in my ability to recieve divine guidance.

We all have this ability and those in spirit are just waiting for us to ask for what we want and then follow our inner divine guidance to the perfect outcome.

For me, often this guidance comes in the form of an inner voice, for this is the modality which I am most comfortable using when connecting to Spirit, but it also comes as visions, knowings, and feelings. The message may come from a book, movie, internet site, a friend or even a stranger passing on the street.

There is no limit to the ways that our angels, guides and beings of light communicate with us. The messages are all around us, we just need to learn to be open to receiving them, which is something we all can learn to do.

So, this being a good time to set intentions, think about what you really want in your life. Set your intention and make your request known and then sit back and wait for divine guidance to come.

I’d love to post your stories of divine guidance. If you’d like to share your story with others, just add your story as  comment. It is time for all of us to  be aware that we do have this ability and that those in spirit really are there to help us.

Blessings, sheryl


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