More energy surges coming

Q.  What can you tell me about the energies of the next few weeks?

A.  There will be a tremendous shift again, so hold onto your hats so to speak. The ride is not quite over.

Aug 5-6 will bring once again an in surge of light energy that may affect many of you similar to how it has affected you in the past. So enjoy the few quiet days and prepare yourself to be able to take it easy for the few days beyond this energy surge.

The light code energy continues to be anchored in as those who are keys call this energy down into the earth to be anchored into the grids and the diamond core. This will continue to happen for some time to come with the main energy surges happening when beings of light gather to work with light energy.

There will be another large surge on what you know as your solstice in September for this is another opportunity for beings to gather to work with the energies of light.

If you are a key to unlocking the light codes, we call on you to run this energy as often as is practical wherever you are. For this will help to continue the anchoring across the areas where you travel. It is especially important to do this type of anchoring in the places where you spend most of your time. For this will make it easier for you to be in these places.

For those of you who are uncertain if you are keys to this process, we ask that you just go ahead and call in this energy. The thought that you may be is an indication that you know of your task. You know who you are.

The activation of the light code energy is happening albeit slower than the anchoring process and there is a reason for this. It is like the light energy that you are anchoring is charging a battery. Until there is enough energy anchored, the battery may function, but not at full capacity. This will happen and we expect this to be completed at your September solstice.

For those who do not know themselves to be active keys, know that you too are benefiting from the anchoring of this light energy. It is making it easier for true healing to happen on the planet both within individual beings and across the planet as a whole. Just call on this energy and it will come to you and then just sit in this energy while you meditate.

Instructions for how to use this energy will follow when the activation is completed.

We honour all of you who are doing this work for yourselves and the planet.

Arcturius, for the Keepers of the Light Codes


One Response to More energy surges coming

  1. JD says:

    Does anyone know when the actual lunar eclipse will happen in north america ?
    Where can I find this info?

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