You do not walk alone

Q.  Why do we often doubt that our connection with divine beings is  real and think that we are just making it up?

A.  There are many reasons for this kind of doubt and I will talk about just a few of them.

You live in a culture where there is a “norm”. This is the collective expectations about what people are expected to believe, to say and to do. Anyone who steps outside of that “norm” is seem to be “abnormal”. Being in the category of abnormal is not a place any being wants to be for this may cause them to feel a lot of pain or even face death. You have been trained since you were born to fit in, be accepted and in doing so, you will survive.

So part of this is a survival instinct for the human animal does best when they are in relationship with others who can provide support, protection and security. This is part of basic survival.

So there is a tendency to try to be like what you perceive to be the average person within whatever culture you belong. In North America, this culture also developed from man’s perception of God and myself, Jesus, whom they began to call the son of God. Which is truth, but it is also truth that all of you are the sons and daughters of God. They left that part out.

So you come from a culture where there is a sense that being separate from God, Jesus and Mary, the angels and other divine beings and that you are less than us. You were taught that you were sinners and did not deserve to have a close relationship with the divine or other variations on the theme. This belief became the cultural norm that you are separate from and less than God.

So, many of you doubt the connection that you have with divine beings as a form of survival. I know this may be a stretch in your conscious minds, but in the unconscious, this is most often the reality. You doubt because you have been conditioned to doubt.

And know that it is now time to remove that doubt and know that there is a host of divine beings that surround you every moment of every day. You do not walk alone. We are here, but we don’t interfere. That is not the way it works, you need to call us and ask except where there is extreme danger and we know that at your level of being a divine being, that if you could, you would ask for help.

So, sometimes the asking is unconscious. In fact, it often is, especially when you ask for something consciously, and don’t believe that you deserve to receive what you’ve asked for.

We come to you in a multitude of ways, through dreams and visions, through thoughts and voices in your mind, through those inner knowings that you have, through your feelings about something and through what you call intuition or gut feelings.

We also come to you through books, movies, the internet, friends, family and the words of strangers. We also leave clues for you like pennies, feathers, roses and other signs that we are here and care about you.

Many of you are seeing orbs these day and yet doubt that this is the presence of beings in spirit. We are here, and this is one of the ways that we let you know we’re beside you.

Learn to pay attention to everything around you and start to look for the signs of divine presence. It sometimes happens the way that you were taught through your Christian culture such as burning bushes and singing angels, but we are so much more than that and most often the signs are much more subtle.

And why are they so subtle? So that they fit into your ordinary lives without creating too much emotional disruption for you. We want you to understand that divine contact is ordinary, it happens so often yet you are not always aware.

If you want to improve your connection to the beings in spirit, then just start to pay attention. We are here, we love your dearly and are willing to help and support you if you only ask. You do not walk alone. We are with you always, all ways.

Jesus, your brother in spirit


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