Our job is to share light

For quite a while I have been having a difficult time accepting the request from Mother Mary and Jesus to pass along messages from them. I grew up going to church and learned a somewhat warped perception about who we are in relationship to divine beings. That is – I was a sinner and they were divine.

It’s been an ongoing process to realize that like these being in spirit, I too am a child of God. And, as part of my journey on earth, I agreed to be a messanger for these 2 wonderful beings of light. I am slowly accepting all of this but still have my moments of wondering why I would be chosen to do this work.

My wonderful friend Susan and I were chatting the other day about my bouts of doubt that I still go through as I write down messages from Mother Mary and Jesus. I said to her that my main problem with doing this work is that I don’t yet feel worthy of the task and lamented something like, “Who am I to think that Mother Mary and Jesus would speak through me?”

And her response was a real gift to me during another bout of doubt and went something like this, “And who are you not to share the messages of Mother Mary and Jesus with the people who need to hear these messages?”

I had never seen this situation from the perspective of others and I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends who points these things out to me. Who am I to deny those who want to hear these messages?

And so, this blog will continue, with me having gained a new sense of confidence and security. My reality is that Mother Mary and Jesus do speak to me and through me, regardless of how I choose to feel about the situation.

I’m not yet sure why I was chosen for the job, but they tell me that I signed on for this position before I was born and that sometimes the answer to “Why” is that is just is that way.

And, the messages that come through me are helpful to others who read them. This is shown to me each day when I look at the blog stats and realize that there can be up to 450 people each day visiting the blog. This work is important and I have evidence of this.

My gift is having these two loving beings walk with me and chatter in my mind. And, my gift to others is acting as a sort of radio, tuning into the frequencies of Mother Mary and Jesus and passing along the messages that they give me.

I am not alone on this planet. We are all beings who work with the light. We all have gifts to enjoy ourselves and to share with others. Our job is to be light and share light in all that we do. That is what it means to be a lightworker.

Thanks Susan for the reminder.

Blessings, sheryl


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