A message from Sandy

I am so grateful for this forum. I have developed a closer relationship to the Angels in just a months time. I shared with you my experience with the feather under my sheet. Then, the following week, I was walking through the woods, where my wild strawberry patch is. I had just finished picking berries, I sell them to the local monestary. They make jam and sell it to the public. Well, I was walking along, and I saw under a tree was this big green plastic box. As I went towards it, I was hoping it would be filled with moola, but no, when I opened it, I found plastic containers. This was a very strange thing. There’s no homes around this place. Inside one of the plasic containers, I found 26 preserved roses. red and yellow. Without the stems, and very beautiful. I put them in an old bowl that I keep on my counter. I feel that wonderful things are about to happen. I am so ready to walk the fourth path. Thank you Sheryl for sharing your experiences with us.


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