I’m not feeling tired

I’ve heard from some people who are wondering why they are not experiencing many of the physical and emotional turmoil that many of us are going through. Here’s my understanding.

We are all individuals who are having a personal experience with the energy changes. I’m a “prove it” person who usually does not believe that things are true without having some kind of evidence. I’ve been told that for some of us, we had a need to have proof and we are then more likely to feel the impact of the energy changes.

The experience is different for each of us because the energy needs to be adjusted where our body needs it the most. We have areas of our body that hold trauma, stress and are somewhat weaker than other parts. This affects where and how we may feel the shift.

Many people are undergoing adjustments as well, but it does not show up as physical or emotional symptoms. They seem to be happy to go through the adjustments without needing any proof.

And some people do not need to go through all these adjustments because this work is already done. They are just coasting through this time wondering what the rest of us are complaining about.

Whether or not we are feeling any unusual symptoms, everyone is being affected by the energy changes as is the planet. How you experience this change depends on your unique situation.

Blessings, sheryl


2 Responses to I’m not feeling tired

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the uplifting information you have to offer here. I am certainly feeling the vibrational shift in my body, especially when I lay in bed at night! I am in the process of moving to another state, and finding new work, so my energy is like tidal waves. It helps me tremendously to read all of the words posted here and to fully remember to have faith, love, and patience. Many blessings and love light to you. Thank you dearly.

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