Hello, beings of light

Whenever there is a gathering of beings of light as you are, there is a host of divine beings in spirit who are called to be with you. Each of you walks with many beings in spirit and we welcome the opportunity to gather together. We also go wherever we are called, so call on us often.

We are divine beings as you are. There is little difference between you and ourselves except for the rate of vibration. We vibrate at a higher frequency than do most beings in human bodies. You are a much denser form of energy.

And higher does not mean better, it is just different, like the channels on your TV or radio systems. Channel 12 is higher that channel 2, but it does not mean that it is any better, it is just different. And being denser is not a criticism in any way as it can be interpreted, it just means we are in a different form, just as water can take different forms like ice and steam. They are all water, just vibrating differently.

We are asking all of you to begin a daily practice of consciously connecting to God and the angels and the beings of light who walk with you. We are always near by, but you are not always conscious of this fact. We ask that you begin to do this daily as this will begin to help us to thin the veils so that we may have a more active contact with you.

There is only so much that we can do with the energy from this side and we are doing what we can to reach you. We ask that you do the same and reach out to us consciously each and every day. And pay attention to the signs that we send you from this side for we are attempting a more open form of communication. We need your help to do this.

You may call upon us in any way. You may use a prayer that is simple or complex. It does not matter. This connection may be a simple each day as saying “Hello, beings of light” in the morning to start your day knowing that we are here.

We long to be closer to you and ask that you do what you can to make the move closer from your perspective. And if you need help doing this or with anything, just ask. We are here to help and to serve, for that is what gives us pleasure,  seeing you feeling comfortable and happy as you walk through each day.

We are waiting to connect with you in a more open fashion and we look forward to a daily greeting. This will not only change you, but will change the world around you.

We bring you peace and love.



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